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Make a statement with Living Green Walls at your events and in your office spaces!

If you’re wanting to improve workplace performance by bringing nature indoors, enhance the environmental and acoustical elements in your building, or if you simply want to make a powerful statement to stimulate the senses, you may discover that installing green walls in your office spaces is the answer. Green wall hire is a great way to improve the atmosphere of any space at a low cost and no maintenance headaches.

Green walls are also a great way to bring a great atmosphere to any event – find out more here.

Tropical Plant Rentals has more than 40 years experience in the indoor plant hire industry and has been building and installing spectacular living Green Walls in office spaces, foyers, showrooms and exteriors for over 10 years. Our plant wall designs are second to none and will inject some life and colour into your workspace, promoting a positive and lasting impression to visitors and potential clients.

We pride ourselves on being the Green Wall innovators!

Living Green Wall - Make a statement!

What is a Vertical Green Wall?

When talk about installing a Vertical Garden in your office or event, we are talking about an arrangement of plants, fixed to a wall – whether a permanent or mobile wall or room divider. As well as creating a beautiful design feature, Green Walls in office spaces help create separate areas, providing privacy and sound buffering as well as a whole host of other benefits.

Green Wall innovators

Why are the Green Walls from Tropical Plant Rentals better?

Not all living walls are created equally, which is why finding a reputable, reliable and trustworthy provider is vital for the sustainability and success of your living Green Walls in your office spaces.

Thanks to our technical & horticultural experience, the dedicated team at Tropical Plant Rentals have the expertise to design, construct, plant, irrigate and maintain each Green Wall design, with a thorough understanding of each component’s individual requirement and function. This ensures you will have a successful, high-quality, stunning living Green Walls for your event or in your office spaces every time.

Whether your space is small or large, we have the perfect solution for the ultimate in sustainable Green Wall design trends.

  • GSky Versa Wall
  • Pot Plant Vertical Garden Wall
  • Freestanding TPR Cabinet Wall
  • External Green Wall
  • Custom build Green Wall

Benefits of Green Walls for office spaces

The benefits of having plants in office spaces are well documented. Here’s a quick rundown on why we love installing Green Walls in office spaces!


Vertical Gardens in offices are natural cooling agents – a welcome relief for workers tired of being exposed to dry air conditioning all day. Plants help create an ambient temperature in a room by evaporating water from their leaves, thereby humidifying the air at the same time.

Space saving

Green Walls in office spaces are a great way to create individual spaces in a larger area and take up very little floor space, while adding a gorgeous design feature to the room.


Green Walls run on a well-designed irrigation system, enabling them to use less water than traditional plant features.

Air freshening

office spaces are known for their stuffy, toxic air. Installing Green Walls in office spaces helps clean up the air space by filtering out carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and other by-products and toxins released by air conditioning and technology. Read more about how indoor plants improve Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) here.

Sound buffer

Vertical Gardens are great in offices as they do a fantastic job of buffering out some of the extra noise present in office spaces. Banging doors, printers whirring and outside traffic can contribute to a stressful environment. By absorbing sound, plants help reduce vibrations and echoes.

Best plants for Green Walls for indoor events or office spaces

When it comes to indoor plants, the world is your oyster! When choosing Green Wall hire with us, you will find many different shapes, colours and sizes to choose from.

Some aspects you might want to consider when selecting plants for your Green Wall include:

  • Natural light availability
  • Air movement
  • Passing foot traffic
  • Air quality
  • Humidity levels

Aglaeonemas, Syngoniums, Philodendrons, Ferns, Peperomias, Bromeliads, Alcantareas, Ariods and Epipremnums are all popular choices. Some office spaces even select edible plants such as herbs and small fruits – which is effective as well as delicious!

Beautiful, Vertical Green Walls That Last

Tropical Plant Rentals take pride in using only the finest quality products and we back this by providing an expert maintenance service on plants and hardware that will ensure your Green Wall hire always looks phenomenal. From start to finish, our Green Wall team will be with you every step of the way.

Some of our Green Wall designs comprise a substantial soil volume and with a regular scheduled plant maintenance program, they are a popular choice to contribute towards a Green Star Building Certification.

Tropical Plant Rentals is an authorised dealer of GSky Plant Systems, Inc.

Interested in finding out more? Contact Tropical Plant Rentals to speak with one of our professional team members.

Green Walls Irrigation & Maintenance FAQs

Are you wondering how much work is involved in green wall irrigation and maintenance? The helpful plant hire team at Tropical Plant Rentals have the answers!

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