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Green Walls

Make a statement with a Living Green Wall!

If you’re wanting to improve workplace performance by bringing nature indoors, enhance the environmental and acoustical elements in your building, or if you simply want to make a powerful statement to stimulate the senses, then a stunning Green Wall is the perfect fit.

Tropical Plant Rentals has more than 40 years experience in the indoor plant hire industry and has been building and installing spectacular living Green Walls into our clients offices, foyers, showrooms and exteriors for over 10 years. Our plant wall designs are second to none and will inject some life and colour into your workspace, promoting a positive and lasting impression to visitors and potential clients.

We pride ourselves on being the Green Wall innovators!

Not all living walls are created equally, which is why finding a reputable, reliable and trustworthy provider is vital for the sustainability and success of your living green wall.

Thanks to our technical & horticultural experience, the dedicated team at Tropical Plant Rentals have the expertise to design, construct, plant, irrigate and maintain each Green Wall design, with a thorough understanding of each components individual requirement and function. This ensures you will have a successful, high-quality, stunning living Green Wall every time.

Whether your space is small or large, we have the perfect solution for the ultimate in sustainable Green Wall design trends.

  • GSky Versa Wall
  • Pot Plant Vertical Garden Wall
  • Freestanding TPR Cabinet Wall
  • External GreenWall
  • Custom build GreenWall

Tropical Plant Rentals take pride in using only the finest quality products and we back this by providing an expert maintenance service on plants and hardware that will ensure your Green Wall always looks phenomenal.  From start to finish, our Green Wall team will be with you every step of the way.

Some of our Green Wall designs comprise a substantial soil volume and with a regular scheduled plant maintenance program, they are a popular choice to contribute towards a Green Star Building Certification.

Tropical Plant Rentals is an authorised dealer of GSky Plant Systems, Inc.

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