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Why Invest in Green Walls?

Discover the benefits of green walls! They improve air quality, reduce stress, and enhance building aesthetics. Learn why investing in them is worth it.
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Green Wall Irrigation & Maintenance FAQs

Answers to Your Green Wall Irrigation & Maintenance Questions. Are you wondering how much work is involved in green wall irrigation and maintenance? The helpful plant hire team at Tropical Plant Rentals have the answers!
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All About Our Green Wall Interior Plantscape Designs

We all thought Green Walls would be a fad 15 years ago. The concept of plants growing vertically inside on a wall. Then there was the question of watering them and the maintenance they would require. We all thought their fate would be imminent. Instead, they have turned out to be the biggest indoor plant...
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More than an office plant hire company

Living Green Walls At Tropical Plant Rentals we don’t just hire indoor plants for your office.  We also create incredible living Green Walls.  Green Walls create an instant WOW factor. Five years ago, we visited Canada, USA and China to research the different models and their effectiveness and maintainability.  We have a range of living green...
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Why Invest in Green Walls?

Green walls are also known as living walls, vertical gardens, and vertical planting systems. They are more than just a decoration for your corporate or private building. Green walls are a great way to improve the human experience and promote green living. On the human side, green walls can absorb high frequency noises. Depending on...
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