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Spring is the Perfect Time to Spruce up your Office using Indoor Office Plants

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As natures wakes from its winter slumber, the arrival of Spring brings an inner awakening in us all. With feelings of rejuvenation and fresh energy, we are at our most productive in the Spring Season. No wonder we feel the need to “Spring Clean” at home.

Spring is also a popular time to spruce up your office. Spring is our busiest season for Indoor office plant hire. Beautiful, lush indoor plants displayed in stylish pots or as part of a living Green Wall will not only make your office space more visually appealing and inviting, but they also make your indoor office air cleaner and healthier. Getting us back in touch with nature after the long Winter.

Our trained professional plant technicians install and regularly maintain your indoor office plants. They make your office space visually appealing and inviting and ensure your office plants always look their best.

Check out some of our favorite ways to showcase our indoor office plant hire services to enhance your office, showroom, restaurant, club or any corporate space.

1. Desk plants

Desk plants are an ideal way to liven up your desk and benefit your staff with “Spring Vibes” by working right next to a living plant. We stock a variety of plants suitable for desk plants. The Mini Garden is a popular choice. Depending on your environment, if you prefer a splash of colour or texture, why not add a Bromeliad or Aglaonema.

2. Hanging Plants

Hanging plants from the ceiling provide amazing appeal and a valuable aspect for privacy screening. Hanging plants can also be fixed to walls and are a great way to add a touch of greenery to lift an area . Hanging office plants are a great addition to organisations if limited floor space is an issue. Golden Pothos known for its trailing abilities, makes a stunning plantscape design and can create beauty and visual depth. The freshness of the lime coloured leaves makes it a popular choice for the Spring season.

3. Pot Plant Vertical Garden

Our Pot Plant Vertical Garden Wall will add a whole new dimension to your office area. These indoor vertical gardens are designed and engineered to individual specification and are often used as a room divider, without blocking light. If space is limited, our Pot Plant Vertical Wall can be fixed against a wall. The Pot Plant Vertical Wall provides a solid impact of Spring and will have your staff feeling energised with the clean air the plants will provide.

 4. Cluster Plants with Indoor Plants

The sky’s the limit when it comes to being creative with indoor plants. Creating a cluster of plants in stylish designer pots is an optimal way to display depth, texture and a stunning design to your indoor office space. Depending on the space, lighting and other factors, a real feature can be created by using mixed plant species. Their varying heights, contrasting colours, textures and shaped foliage can be stunning together. Using our designer pots or even an eclectic mix of recycled pots, Cluster planting provides a solid green design for offices and is currently a popular plant hire trend.

5. Green Walls

A lush, healthy, living green wall can instantly transform your internal space or external building. Displaying your company logo to a living green wall can really leave a lasting impression and is an ideal way to promote your company name.

There’s nothing quite like a living Green Wall, providing an aura of fresh, beautiful plants to inspire and brighten your office space. Cleaning the air as you work and providing an evergreen plantscape for your office.

6. Large Planter to make a Bold Statement

If space is not an issue, a large modern planter displaying a beautiful living plant can create a stunning display in a dull corner. Our expert team can colour match any containers we have in stock to fit in with your current colour design.

The advantage of hiring the services of a reputable indoor plant hire company is the wealth of knowledge and experience in designing and creating the perfect indoor plantscape for your office environment. We customise a design for every client individually, according to their requirements and design brief.

How to source a creative indoor plant design using an Indoor Plant Hire Service

Our friendly, expert team at Tropical Plant Rentals cater for all indoor plant hire requirements. Ranging from floor plants and hanging plants to desk plants, troughs, tambour planters or a breathtaking living green wall design masterpiece. Our green design team also specialise in short term plant hire and green wall hire for your next special event.

Introducing maintained indoor plant hire to your office, showroom, restaurant or club will inspire staff and visitors and leave a lasting positive impression of your organisation because the plants will always be healthy, happy and appealing.

Talk to the plant hire specialists at Tropical Plant Rentals and discuss your Spring office plant hire project.

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