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The Benefits of Indoor Plants in Classrooms & Schools

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Having indoor plants in schools is an ideal way make students and their families feel welcome. Adding some live greenery is nature’s way of saying you belong here. Indoor plants can be used to enhance school staff rooms, school lobbies and school offices. Indoor plants have many benefits and some research about the benefits of plants in classrooms has been done over the years to show these benefits.

Plants in Classrooms

Plants in the classroom can improve the visual appearance of a learning area. But not only do indoor plants look good, they have many powerful benefits too.

The classroom environment is an important factor in the way a student can learn. Over the years, studies have found that bringing plants indoors can play a vital role in the learning and academic performance of students. They can also improve the mood, behaviour and health of students.

Plants in Classrooms

Physical Health Benefits of Plants in Classrooms

Indoor plants have the ability to help remove toxins from the air. Benzene and formaldehyde are toxins found in indoor air. These toxins emitted from furnishings, carpets and paint are harmful. They are known carcinogens.  A study performed by NASA shows that plants can play a major role in the removal of indoor air pollutants. For example, shopping centres, office buildings, schools and other education facilities.

Indoor plants increase the humidity in the air. Having improved humidity in the air can help prevent coughs, colds and sore throats. Indoor plants can reduce the C02 levels found in the classroom. This can reduce the risk of headaches and other unwanted side effects for students and teachers.

Mental Health Benefits of Plants in Classrooms

The mental health and well-being of students and teachers can significantly improve by working alongside nature – by way of living indoor plants. The term biophilia explains humans having a natural instinct to be drawn to nature. Having indoor plants around the classroom can provide a sense of calm for students and teachers.

Nature is said to boost creativity and productivity.

Other Benefits of Plants in Classrooms

Plants are beneficial in absorbing acoustic noise in the classroom. Excess noise can increase levels of stress and anxiety for students and teachers.  Stress can have a negative impact on a person’s health and wellbeing. Stress also affects the learning ability of students. Headaches, general aches and pains and tiredness can all stem from stress and anxiety.

Living plants in classrooms can provide an opportunity for students to learn about the vital role that nature plays for human beings. As an example, students can receive lessons, worksheets or activities based on the process of photosynthesis.

Some Key Benefits of Living Classroom Plants:

  1. Nice to look at, they can lift our mood.
  2. Can brighten a classroom
  3. Have the ability to clean the air
  4. Can help improve concentration – keep students on task
  5. Can improve the indoor air humidity

Other Benefits of Plants in Classrooms

Green Walls are an ideal option for schools and educational facilities. A Green Wall in a school is a great way of showcasing nature at its best. A Green Wall may feature in a hallway, school entry or office foyer.

Tropical Plant Rentals can provide an obligation free quote on indoor plant hire. Our quote will include plants, pots as well as the installation and maintenance of beautiful lush indoor plants. We have professional and friendly staff to assist you with all your enquiries.  Some plants are not suitable for young children and not recommended for classrooms.

If you would like to discuss indoor plant options available for classrooms or other education facilities please send us an email or contact us on 1800 631 365.

Green Wall for Classrooms and Schools