Frequently Asked Questions

Tropical Plant Rentals have been operating since 1975 and continue to innovate and adapt to the current market trends.  We are wholly Australian owned and operated.  Over the years, we have contributed with many plant hire trends that come and go, but the most frequently asked questions remain the same.  We want to share some of these questions and hope it will assist with your questions. If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for please don’t hesitate to contact us direct on 1800 631 365.

How do I hire indoor office plants?

Simply click here to fill out an online enquiry or email and one of our friendly staff will contact you to discuss your requirements and/or set up a convenient time to consult at your premises free of charge. Alternatively, our freecall contact number is 1800 631 365.

What are the best indoor plants for us to hire?

Every environment is unique and not all plant types will work in the same environment. We will come to your office to assess the lighting and space available. We can recommend the best indoor plants to suit your space.

Do we need to do anything to the hire plants?

No, we take care of all the maintenance, we don’t mind if you want to talk to them though!

What does your Indoor Plant Hire Service include?

Our indoor plant hire service includes initial consultation, quotation, design and installation and ongoing maintenance. Our maintenance includes regular visits from one of our qualified plant technicians who will water, clean, polish, fertilise, trim, control pests and remove debris from the plants. If required, plants will be replaced, at no additional charge. All of this is included as part of our maintenance service.

What are the advantages of hiring plants for our office?

Healthy, lush indoor plants instantly beautify your indoor space. They bring an instant visual enhancement.

Indoor plants also have many health benefits:

  • Remove harmful toxins by up to 87 percent in a 24 hour period
  • Help regulate indoor air humidity
  • Reduce stress levels and boost mood
  • Improve concentration and productivity

Do you only hire plants to offices?

We offer indoor plant hire to all offices and buildings, large and small.

What areas do you service?

We currently have fully trained professional plant technicians who service Townsville, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Newcastle, Central Coast, Sydney, Melbourne and all surrounding suburbs.

Can you come to our office to give us some ideas for the green design for our office plant hire?

With over 40 years experience, we are able to come to your office or building and provide you with ideas for a plantscape design and styling ideas to suit your budget and complement your indoor office space.

Is it better to buy or hire indoor office plants?

Buying indoor plants and pots can be costly and time consuming. Caring for them can be challenging. Who will water them and remember to fertilise them? What if the plants die? The replacement costs can be financially burdening.

Our cost for hiring indoor plants and pots is inclusive of plants, pots, maintenance and any replacements. Our expert plant technicians have the experience to care for and maintain the plants, making sure they are always healthy and looking their best.

Can we choose what sort of pot our plants will come in?

We have an extensive range of varied size and shape designer pots available for hire.

What if we don’t like the colours of your pots?

Every environment is unique. If we don’t have the colour pot you’re looking for, we can colour match any fibreglass pot to suit your interior colours and design.

Can you show me samples of plants and pots you hire?

One of our friendly, professional team would be happy to show you some samples of our plants and pots we have available for hire.

What if our office space is dark?

Our experienced staff are able to take a light meter reading when visiting your premises. We can recommend suitable plants that will thrive and provide many health benefits for your indoor environment.

What if we would like some indoor plants but have limited floor space?

There are many alternatives if your floor space is limited. We have a range of stylish hanging pots available for your indoor hire plants.

When it comes to floor space our Pot Plant Vertical Garden uses minimal floor space and makes a beautiful vertical display of pot plants.

Another option is one of our varied styles of Green Walls and we would be happy to chat with you about any of our Green Wall options.

How can we be guaranteed quality plants?

We source only the highest quality plants. They are maintained and cared for by a qualified Horticulturist in greenhouses at our onsite nursery. This ensures each customer receives beautiful, lush and healthy plants for their indoor plant hire requirements.

Do you hire plants for events and can you deliver and pick up after hours if needed?

Providing plants for events is one of our specialities. We cater for any event including engagements, weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, celebrations, festivals, concerts, corporate functions, filming and tv commercials and photography shoots, We are familiar with most public venues and can cater for after hours pick up and delivery.

Are you fully insured and if so, can we get a copy of your insurance?

We are fully insured and up to date and can provide documentation on request.

Do you do Green Walls as well as indoor office plant hire?

Our indoor plant hire company specialise in floor plants, desk plants, hanging plants and a variety of styles of green walls.

Can you help us with Green Star Accreditation?

Indoor plants can contribute two points towards a Green Star Interior’s Rating. Tropical Plant Rentals are experienced and will work with you to attain your Green Star Accreditation.