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Make your indoor space come alive! 

Is your office looking dull? Does it make you want to go anywhere else? Tropical Plant Rentals can help your business look great! Indoor plant hire can be transformative for your office.  

Thankfully, we provide our office plant hire service in all major states, capital cities and towns including Sydney, North Queensland, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Melbourne, Newcastle, Canberra, and Wollongong. From consultation to installation, our plant experts will offer a comprehensive service to make the most out of your indoor space. 

We have been operating since 1975 and continue to innovate and adapt to the current market trends.  We are wholly Australian owned and operated.

How do I arrange office plant hire?

Organising indoor plant hire is easier than you might think. A simple 4 step process will have your indoor environment looking healthy, inviting and improve your indoor air quality.

Consult & Design – One of our plant hire consultants will visit your site obligation-free, to understand your design goals as well as assess the ambience, lighting, and overall space of your office. We can assist with design or collaborate with your architect or designer to achieve a beautiful indoor plantscape.

Proposal – After a consultation, we will prepare a proposal based on your requirements. We can provide suitable options with plant, pot and/or green wall selection to meet your budget and design brief. We will ensure to deliver a cost-effective indoor plant hire solution for your business.

Install – With thorough preparation, we will provide an efficient, fuss-free installation with great attention to detail. Our team will transform your office with healthy, stunning indoor hire plants.

Maintain – Our fully trained and qualified maintenance program team will ensure your plants and pots are always looking their best. Our service includes watering, cleaning, fertilising, removal of unhealthy foliage, control of insects and diseases. Free plant replacement is also included when required.

Your office plant hire will not only deliver the wow factor with stunning indoor plants and stylish pots, but will also clean the air you breathe and improve productivity by up to 12%. 

Read what the experts say!

What are the benefits of indoor plant hire?

There is nothing like an aesthetically pleasing workspace. Yet, the presence of plants in your workplace can have an impact beyond the visual benefits. We often spend a considerable amount of time at work; thus, the right set of greenery can lead to a healthier environment.

Indoor plant hire also affords you the benefit of expert advice as well as years of experience servicing businesses across Australia’s major cities and towns. Tropical Plant Rentals is a competitive service provider. We stay current with trends and innovation to wow those who come in touch with your space. Do you have an idea of what you want? An Indoor plant hire service gives you the opportunity to decorate your workplace with a variety of plants.

Plus, we are knowledgeable on the Green Star Rating and Green Infrastructure.

Let us help you create a holistically fresh, lively, and pleasing environment. We provide:

  • Expert recommendations
  • Diversity and range in plants and pots
  • Previous proven customer satisfaction
  • Over 20 years of expertise!

Here is how we achieve this goal. We visit your workplace and conduct a consultation to identify your needs, wants and expectations. Our indoor plant hire service provides the benefits of introducing plants to your space without having to deal with maintenance concerns. Our service is about you and your workplace.

Our job is to make your business look great!

Is indoor plant hire the right investment for my business? 

Do you need to brighten your space? Do you lack proper airflow in your office? Is there a need for some visual appeal? If you answered yes to any or all these questions, then an indoor plant hire service might be the best investment for your business. 

Let us break down the benefits! 

There are three major benefits of indoor plant hire services for your office space: 

1) Air Quality

Your indoor air quality will improve in a significant way with an indoor plant hire service. Indoor air quality is not an obvious concern for most employers. However, when you think about how much time you spend at the office, you can quickly recognize how valuable it is to have the proper work environment. Indoor air quality is essential to a healthy workplace.

Most of the artificial elements within a typical office, including furniture, electronics and even carpets, can reduce air quality. It is estimated that about 300 pollutants circulate a regular workplace.

Did you know that one office plant every square metre has the capacity to remove most of the awful toxins roaming in your office? An indoor plant hire service provides you with the benefit of cleaner air without the concern for maintenance.

2) Indoor Appeal

Do you remember what it feels like to enter a space that is beautiful and bright? Although it might seem like a more superficial concern, indoor appeal has the capacity to increase motivation, inspiration, and creativity. An indoor plant hire service comes with the expertise of interior designers. Indoor plants can take an office space from dull to interesting in a moment, adding visual interest to the setting.

Indoor plant hire services are not solely about adding a touch of style, but also about providing a health boost by minimizing the levels of stress from the workplace.

3) Increased Well-being

Over the years, there have been many studies conducted on the impact of indoor plants on mental health. These studies have shown that indoor plants have the capacity to boost the health of those who come across their life-giving presence. Thus, an indoor plant hire service can be a great investment for your workspace.

If you are familiar with work-related stress, then you will value the mood-boosting qualities of indoor plants. Not only do they bring a sense of ease to a space, but they also minimize stress and lethargy. In this way, they increase productivity! Indoor plant hire enhances efficiency and effectiveness in the workplace.

By taking care of your office, you are taking care of your staff.

How can Tropical Plant Rentals help me with Indoor Plant Hire?

You have decided it’s time to invest in corporate plants with their many benefits. Having expert input when it comes to plant selection, design and maintenance will take your investment to a new level. With Tropical Plant Rentals, you’ll:

  • Have access to the latest indoor plant trends and types
  • Receive expert feedback on the best indoor plant hires for your space based on your needs
  • Enjoy the bonus of our expertise in interior design, ensuring the plants enhance the space and the life of your staff
  • Appreciate the added benefit of receiving maintenance from our professional team.

Next Steps

Are you ready to find vibrant indoor plant hire options to boost productivity in your space?

At Tropical Plant Rentals, we have a team of experts willing and ready to provide a complimentary consultation and quote.

Simply contact Tropical Plant Rentals and we’ll make a time for one of our friendly, professional consultants to visit your workplace. Having extensive knowledge and experience, your local consultant will recommend the most suitable plants for your office indoor plant hire requirements.

What makes us different?

We can bring life and greenery to the dullest of spaces!

At Tropical Plant Rentals, we provide thorough, efficient service for all our clients. We are happy to visit your workplace to best assess the needs of your indoor space. We have samples available in many sizes and shapes.

Our guarantee is to source the highest quality plants, and we are happy to work around your schedule and space to design the best space possible. Our costs include maintenance and replacements, so you don’t have to worry about these steps.

We would love to be of assistance. Get in touch with us! An expert from our team would be happy to come and assess your indoor plant hire needs.

Some of our recent feedback received from clients:

Incredibly easy to work with

“I’ve worked with the team at Tropical Plant Rentals for over 4 years hiring plants for events and activations – they have a huge product range and have always delivered top quality plants. From small events to larger installations they always do their best to make it happen, regardless of how big or small the budget may be. The entire team are incredibly easy to work with from the guys in the office through to the team delivering.”

Erin ~ Begins with e

Couldn’t have done it without you

“We just wanted to say a massive thank you to you and your team for your help over the past 24 hours.  You really helped us bring our media wall dream to life! We’ll certainly be in touch in the future with our next event opportunity. Please pass on our thanks to Chase and Andrew   we couldn’t have done it without you guys!”

Jen ~ Kate & Co. Public Relations Agency

Fantastic to work with

“Tropical Plant Rentals have always been fantastic to work with. Great selection of plants, excellent customer service and always willing to go the extra mile when needed.”

Rebekah ~ Rizer – Event Agency

Our Events Team takes great pride in what we do. If you are looking at short term plant hire for your next event or function, we would love to hear from you.

Your pop up garden is just a phone call away. It’s amazing how much some lush greenery can spruce up your venue.

Call today to discuss Short Term Event Plant Hire for your special event on 1800 631 365.

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