Case Study: Tropical Plant Rentals & A W Edwards – A
Commitment to Sustainability

Greener Offices, Brighter Futures


Tropical Plant Rentals is a leading provider of indoor plant rental and maintenance services. They specialise in creating green, sustainable environments in corporate spaces. Their expertise includes office plant hire, event plant hire, and designer plant pot hire.

A W Edwards is a multi-award-winning construction company in Australia, with a renowned reputation for building diverse projects ranging from cottages to commercial buildings and infrastructure. Known for its commitment to sustainability, the company reached out to Tropical Plant Rentals to incorporate plants in its office.

Sowing the Seeds of Success

Early Contact and Engagement

In early March 2023, A W Edwards sought the expertise of Tropical Plant Rentals for their new head office in St. Leonards, NSW. With a commitment to sustainability, they were determined to achieve a Green Star rating for their office. Recognising the significant impact of indoor plants on air quality, aesthetics, and overall well-being, they turned to Tropical Plant Rentals, an inaugural member of the Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA) since 2005, to help them achieve their goals.

Objective: Sustainability in the Workspace

A W Edwards was committed to achieving a Green Star Certification. They believed that a sustainable office would not only benefit the environment but also improve the well-being and productivity of their employees. They also know that the office environment is a reflection of their brand and values, and they wanted to create a space that would impress clients and visitors alike.

A Sprouting Vision

Multiple Visits, Thorough Discussion

Tropical Plant Rentals’ challenges include custom-fitting the plants into the office’s custom joinery. This required careful coordination with A W Edwards’ joinery team to ensure that the plants fit seamlessly. The Tropical Plant Rentals team ensured the plants were not only aesthetically pleasing but also functionally integrated into the office space. This involved multiple site visits, thorough consultations, and precise measurements and adjustments to ensure that the plants fit perfectly into the designated spaces, enhancing the overall look and feel of the office.

Choosing the Perfect Plants

Tropical Plant Rentals’ selection process involved careful consideration of A W Edwards’ vision. They chose a variety of indoor plants, specifically opting for deep, dark-coloured plants known for their lush appearance and ability to create a high-end aesthetic. These plants were also selected for their air-purifying qualities and ability to thrive indoors and with low light conditions.

However, the challenge lay in ensuring that the selected plants met the Green Star Certification criteria. This included ensuring appropriate soil surface area, which is crucial for air quality improvement and overall sustainability. Tropical Plant Rentals had to carefully plan the distribution throughout the office space and consider factors such as plant size and growth requirements to ensure that the plants would contribute to the overall Green Star rating of the office.

Efficient Installation in Record Time

On August 7th, a team of five completed the installation in just four hours, despite initially allotting a two-day timeframe for the task. This remarkable efficiency was a result of the meticulous planning and preparation that Tropical Plant Rentals had undertaken over the preceding five months.

Thriving Greenery, Lasting Impressions

Since installation, Tropical Plant Rentals has expertly maintained the indoor plants at A W Edwards’ office, ensuring they thrive and enhance the office’s ambience. Impressively, Tropical Plant Rentals has never needed to replace a plant, showcasing their plant care expertise and ability to create a healthy indoor environment.

Conclusion: A Blossoming Collaboration

In conclusion, the partnership between Tropical Plant Rentals and A W Edwards has proven to be a flourishing collaboration. Tropical Plant Rentals’ expertise and commitment to excellence were instrumental in helping A W Edwards achieve their Green Star rating for their office space. This partnership has not only led to the successful completion of this project but has also paved the way for future collaborations between Tropical Plant Rentals and A W Edwards.

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