Case Study: Tropical Plant Rentals & Drinkworks – A
Collaboration that Bloomed

Breathing Life into the Workspace


Tropical Plant Rentals, with 40+ years of experience in the industry, is an indoor plant hire company specialising in creating greener and healthier spaces through indoor plant hire, office plant hire, event plant hire, and designer plant pot hire.

Drinkworks, an Australian sales and marketing company and a wholly owned subsidiary of Heineken, focuses on premium beer and cider brands. Drinkworks reached out to Tropical Plant Rentals to add some lush foliage to their workspace.

Leafing Through the Plan

Initial Contact

Drinkworks approached Tropical Plant Rentals in mid-February with a vision: to create an inspiring and inclusive workspace through the infusion of greenery. Delays in renovation pushed the project to early June, but with clear objectives to enhance aesthetics and the well-being of staff, Tropical Plant Rentals was ready to roll up its sleeves.

Objective: Inclusivity

Drinkworks wanted to ensure that the green touch reached all corners of their workspace. They wanted to bring greenery into their workspace not only for aesthetic purposes but also for the health benefits associated with indoor plants. They aimed to create an inclusive environment where every staff member felt valued. Unlike traditional setups, where senior executives might have exclusive access to such amenities, the goal was to distribute plants throughout the workspace to show that each team member is valued.

Cultivating the Vision

Site Visit and Client Involvement

Tropical Plant Rentals prides itself on personal involvement and continuity. The same expert who quotes is also involved in the planning and installation, ensuring a seamless transition and consistent vision. This personal touch is what sets Tropical Plant Rentals apart. With their extensive experience, they worked closely with Drinkworks, incorporating the client’s vision and combining it with their expertise.

Tropical Plant Rentals values a hands-on approach. From site visits to installation, the same expert ensures continuity in vision and execution. Together with Drinkworks, they identified suitable locations for the plants and the styles that would best complement the space.

Choosing the Perfect Plants

Understanding the specific needs of each room and the available space was crucial. In areas with less floor space, innovative solutions such as hanging plants utilising beams and pipework were employed. The selection of plants also took into consideration the lighting in each room to ensure the plants would thrive. Drinkworks preferred varying styles, from subtropical to sculptured, which were seamlessly integrated.

Quick and Efficient Installation

One of Tropical Plant Rentals’ standout features is their ability to respond swiftly to client needs. Thanks to Tropical Plant Rentals’ fully stocked glass houses, they could respond to Drinkworks’ request for additional plants to enhance the look and feel of the office within 24 hours. This agility and preparedness allowed for a prompt and efficient installation.

Not Just Maintenance, But Companionship

At Tropical Plant Rentals, maintenance is not just about watering; it’s about building relationships. Their maintenance staff not only tend to the plants but also engage with the Drinkworks team, creating a sense of camaraderie. This family-owned company extends the feeling of family to their clients. Tropical Plant Rentals considers itself an extension of the client’s team, and this shows in how they interact and build rapport.

Conclusion: A Flourishing Partnership

The collaboration between Tropical Plant Rentals and Drinkworks bore fruit in the form of a vibrant, lush, and inclusive workspace. The blend of Drinkworks’ vision and Tropical Plant Rentals’ expertise resulted in an environment where staff could thrive alongside the greenery that surrounded them. This project demonstrated that with the right touch, any workspace could be transformed into a sanctuary of productivity and well-being.

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