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Best Low Light Indoor Plants for Offices

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Do you have a dark space in your office that needs some life? Our team of experts can help you choose the most suitable indoor plant for your dark office space. We specialise in plants that thrive in all types of office environments. Whether it’s little natural light to no natural light or artificial lighting, such as fluorescent, halogen or led lighting. The important factor is to have the correct amount of lux and kelvin. Having a dark area doesn’t mean you have to live without beautiful, lush, healthy plants. Plants placed into dark places will instantly enhance your environment. They will make your air cleaner and your space brighter. Plants help us to feel inspired and positive, which helps to establish positive mood, harmony and balance to any office. This leads to happier staff and higher productivity.

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What Type of Plant will Suit my Office?

One of the most often asked questions is “What type of plant will suit my office?” Having one of our expert team assist in selecting the best type of plant to suit your office space is the key. The secret to healthy indoor plants is matching the variety that is best suited to the lighting.

We can advise when selecting office plants for dark places and which variety is best suited. We maintain your plants, ensuring your greenery is always lush and healthy. Happy, healthy plants help to reduce the toxic volatile organic carbons (VOC’s) in your work space. They also keep your office staff healthy, which boosts staff morale and productivity.

Scientific studies now sight living plants as a major contributor in reducing sick days.

Is it best to Hire or Buy Office Plants?

Hiring indoor plants is a more economic option in the long term. As opposed to buying and maintaining your own, our indoor plants are especially hand selected for quality. Having them maintained by one of our trained staff, frees up staff so they get on with their job. This is a better cost effective option for your business.

People often get confused by the brown tips appearing on their plants. Seeing that the end of the leaf has dried out, they assume the plant is running out of water and re-water. In fact, the brown tips indicate the plant has been over watered. In dark places, plants are unable to metabolise fast enough to use the water available and are therefore, slowly drowning. These brown tips never recover and often the plant is already starting to suffer from stress. Selecting the right plant for your lighting conditions is what our staff are good at. Our trained technicians understand lighting levels and adjust the watering to suit.

This ensures your plants stay healthy and happy even in those dark office areas.

Why not give us a call. We can arrange for an expert obligation free onsite consultation. We can discuss and advise the best suited plants and containers to enhance your office space, giving your space the WOW factor!