7 Reasons to Hire Indoor Plants for Your Next Event

Big Event Ahead and Need to Knock the Socks Off Your Guests?

You’ve come to the right place! Whether you’re planning a wedding, party, product launch, themed event, photo shoot, promotion, or corporate event, making the decision to hire indoor plants for events is your first step to creating a successful celebration that guests will remember for a long time!

The idea of creating the right atmosphere using nature is not new but deciding to hire plants for events to create the perfect space is a clever choice for the on-trend event coordinator.

Events have, for many years, used flowers and floral arrangements as focal points. From tabletop centrepieces to rose petal scatters – floristry has led the way in using nature to create stylish and impressive events.

Event plant hire

7 Reasons to Hire Plants for Events

1. Create the Wow Factor

Did you know the most watched and talked about event of the 2010’s was the wedding of Prince William and Princess Kate? It was dripping with Wow Factor! And what was the most talked about feature of the day, other than Kate and Pippa’s dresses? It was the gorgeous 20ft maple trees that lined the aisles of Westminster Abbey. Just when you thought Westminster Abbey couldn’t be any grander, trees and plants were used to make the wedding the grandest of all events.

When creating that extra edge, people are choosing to hire plants for events which are special, and which will be remembered for a long time. While event coordinators have been doing this for decades, making the choice to hire plants for events is a relatively new concept for the general public. The good news is that plant hire is now more accessible than ever before!

When event coordinators hire plants for events, they’re able to style and define each space, creating mini garden popups or simply adding features and themes to existing areas. For product promotions, plants can become an extension of a brand’s identity.

We recently worked with the event coordinators for Absolut’s Flavour of the Tropics event. We always recommend that organisers hire plants for events of this caliber. The resulting tropical theme was very effective. Goulburn Valley also regularly chooses to hire plants for events. For this event, citrus plants created visual appeal and reinforced Goulburn Valley’s branding. And for Pernod Ricard’s promotion, vines and gently lit fairy lights transformed the space into an ambient vineyard.

2. Find a Sustainable Alternative

We are a company grounded in nature with a strong focus on our sustainable practices. We are passionate about the environment and how we can contribute to reducing our carbon footprint.

Those who decide to hire plants for events are making a sustainable choice, often without even realising it. Hiring plants is a sustainable alternative to wasteful floristry arrangements which are disposed of shortly after the event.

Our plants can be used for a range of roles. Flowering colourful plants are great for maintaining colour schemes. On top of that, their bright hues have an eye-catching quality. This is important for drawing the eye to the product but can also be used to distract from less attractive areas in your event space. Geraniums, orchids, poinsettias, bromeliads and more are available for short term plant hire, giving you more options to choose from, rather than just single use cut flowers which only last for a short time before they become waste. When you hire plants for events, you are choosing a more sustainable way to host a wonderful event.

3. Create a Themed, Styled Space

Hiring plants makes a huge difference to events. Plants soften spaces, enhance backdrops and accentuate and frame feature and focal points. Plants also create layering and depth in spaces, bringing natural elements to otherwise artificial spaces.

Plants have the power to theme a space. A landscape can whisk people away to a foreign destination by using plants typical of that climate. For tropical themes, clusters of palms create the ideal oasis, while desert themes feature cacti in all shapes and sizes. The possibilities are endless.

Black and white wedge pots provide a neutral base against a flower’s vivid colours, enabling a theme to be created. Plus, the clean, angular lines of the pot contrast nicely with the organic shapes of any plant. And our wooden oak barrel pots present a different look and feel entirely. Potting contributes greatly to the overall effect a plant will have and should not be underestimated.

Hedges are also available for casual plant hire. Aesthetically, not all greens are created equal. The conifer hedge has grounded, earthen tones, whereas the ficus emerald has brilliant emerald hues true to its name. But the true utility of hedge plants lies in their size and number. They can be used to visually obstruct less attractive areas in the event space. They can also be used to define the size and shape of the event space for small or large events alike. Keep small functions intimate by bordering the hired area, or keep larger events organised by constructing queues, entryways and exits, gates, and so on.

The best part is, when you decide to hire plants for events, the choice is yours! With full access to our entire range, you have everything you need at your fingertips.

4. Enjoy High Quality Plants

As you hire plants for events, you will quickly notice that the quality of the plants is higher. Why not get the benefit of beautiful greenery at a more cost-effective price? At Tropical Plant Rentals, we only source high quality plants. We keep up with the latest trends so your event can have the edge.

You don’t have to sacrifice your budget or the plant quality when planning your event. It’s possible to receive all the benefits of both worlds. High quality plants elevate the aesthetic, enlighten the space, and boost the mood of your attendees.

Hiring plants for events gives you the benefit of having an expert stylist selecting the plants for you. Time is essential when planning an event. The time spent at a plant centre can be spent elsewhere in a more efficient way.

5. Forget About Maintenance and Removal

While your event is happening, there are many things that will seize your attention. With so many details to account for, it’s easy to forget about the maintenance and removal of plants. That is why working with Tropical Plant Rentals is a stress-free option for your next event. Those who hire plants for events know that short term plant rental services remove the stress of watching over one more area of the event.

Tropical Plant Rentals has an established reputation and an exceptional record of quality customer service. We ensure the maintenance and removal of your plant hire happens smoothly. If you need the plants to be watered, trimmed, or even switched, we can do that for you! We love to keep our clients happy and their events vibrant. When you partner with us, you enjoy the best rented foliage. Plant upkeep is no joke when you have no experience.

The other part of removal is that if there is any disposing to happen, we know how to go about disposal. If you hire Tropical Plant Rentals, you work with experts in the plant realm. We have worked with plenty of clients in service of their events.

6. We Offer Expert Advice & Setup

If you’ve made the decision that you’re going to take the plunge and hire plants for upcoming events, you can rest easy – we’ve got this!

The Tropical Plant Rentals team will help you by ensuring we fully understand what you are trying to achieve with your special event. We can offer consultation, quotations, plants, pots, and green wall images to show you all the options we offer.

When you hire plants for events, it’s easier to cater for all your needs. Whether it be hedging, topiaries, stunning floor plants, themed events or beautiful green walls. Our team is highly experienced and has it all covered when it comes to green design for your special events.

We deliver, install, and pick up to meet your requirements and deadlines and out-of-hours bump-in and bump-out requirements can always be met. Our short-term event hire team have extensive knowledge and understanding of many of the venues used for special events. This ensures smooth delivery, plant hire installation and pick-up.

We recommend giving us plenty of notice if you can, especially for the more unusual requests. Although, we quite often receive a call in the morning and have the plants at the requested venue by afternoon. We aim to please!

Value for Money

When you choose to hire indoor plants for events, you benefit from selecting a range of plants which is created to suit your budget. The huge variety of plants available at Tropical Plant Rentals means there’s a set up suitable for every occasion and budget.

We’ve worked with hundreds of clients all with different needs and preferences. The best part of working with an expert team is that we ensure you get the best selection of plants. But that’s not the only cost-effective benefit. Tropical Plant Rentals takes care of maintenance so you don’t have to worry about it. The service is included in the cost of the hire. When you hire plants for events, you have peace of mind knowing the experts will be looking out for your plants.

If you have to hire plants for upcoming events,
you’ve found your ‘must have’ event partner

Does your event require help with styling and theming?

Creative Plant Styling

Tropical Plant Rentals has an extensive range of plants for short term event plant hire just perfect for theming. With clever plant styling, our experienced team can create a range of wonderful and exciting themes to make your event spectacular – Tropical Rainforests, The Aussie Outback, Vineyards, Australiana, Boho, Coastal and Industrial settings, just to name a few!

Our ‘know how’ in creating plantscapes means peace of mind for you and a superb setting for your next event. Hire plants for events. It’s the best way to approach a fun theme.

Here are the benefits of Event Styling with Tropical Plant Rentals: 

  • Our guarantee is to source the highest quality plants.
  • We are happy to work around your schedule and space for the best design possible.
  • Our costs include maintenance and replacements, so you don’t have to worry about these steps.

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Need Some Inspiration?

You can elevate your theme when you hire plants for events, from small events to larger ones. Take a look at Melbourne Cup Day. The Melbourne Cup Lexus Marquee set the standard for sophistication and style.

melbourne cup lexus tulips

The Lexus Marquee used plants, through an event hire company, to create an overhead canopy of dangling tulips (roots and all!). With Tropical Plant Rentals, event hire plants were also used to create organic, natural installations by well-known landscape designer – Jamie Durie. Jamie’s use of hired plants created the ultimate Melbourne Cup event experience.

Booking event hire options can be overwhelming. Taking inspiration from recent Melbourne Cup Birdcage marquees is a great place to start.

The Melbourne Cup Myer Marquee’s theme name – “Super Botanica” – says it all! The Myer Marquee was full of super scale specimens. Flowers, fruits and vines to name a few. This ultra-cool marquee used botanical event hire options to create the ultimate hang out for celebrities like Jen Hawkins and Sam Frost. Fresh foliage decorated the “Botanist’s Table” where celebs enjoyed freshly shucked oysters and G.H Mumm Champagne. The use of plants made the Myer Marquee experience a class act.

melbourne cup meyer super botanica
melbourne cup emirates english garden

The Melbourne Cups major sponsor – Emirates – also used plant event hire in excess. They used plants to create an experience to remember for their members and guests. Celebrating all things English this year, the Emirates Marquee featured an English garden balcony. They used topiary trees and David Austin garden roses to create their theme. Plant event hire options used at the Emirates marquee provide event coordinators with plenty of inspiration.

Plants were also hired by the designers of the Swisse Marquee, the Lavazza Marquee and the Mumm Marquee. Taking notice of the design of this year’s Birdcage Marquees means event managers and designers are up to date with current trends. Botanical themes are certainly a popular theme for events.

When drawing inspiration from the 2015 Melbourne Cup marquees, event hire coordinators should consider making original twists on the ideas they see. For example, Jamie Durie’s dangling tulips in the Lexus Marquee could easily be recreated using other plants. Consider exotic orchids, lilies, or hydrangeas. Of course, if the budget permits, use a landscape designer and an interior designer to design a big event. It is important to make the most of hired plants. Creating botanical spaces through plant event hire is the edge every major event needs.

So, what are you waiting for?! When you hire plants for events, you make your next event beautiful and bold! It is the season to be botanical!

Weddings, Parties, Anything – we can cover it all

Event Plant Hire - Setting the scene is our specialty - Theming - casual nida conifer lodge theme


Weddings are always lots of fun for our team. It may be a few topiary trees with fairy lights. Perhaps a lovely green wall backdrop for photos or a suspended planting from the ceiling. Our team have covered it all. Take a look at some of the beautiful images we have created to ensure the special Wedding Day receives the utmost care and attention to detail.
Event Plant hire - Plants and Pots Extensive ranges to suit different styles and budgets


Parties are our specialty. Birthdays, Engagements, Christenings, Bar Mitzvahs are just a few that we have catered for with our short term plant hire. Our Events team really enjoy themed parties. Who doesn’t love a Hawaiian party or a Jungle party? Our Events team love to get creative. Our large range of plant hire stock allows us to achieve wonderful results.
Event Plant hire - A multiple of available props to create the 'wow factor'


When we say anything, we mean anything. We have covered so many types of “anything” events. Private Functions, Corporate Events, Event Companies, Promotions, Trade Shows, Photo Shoots, Filming, Displays, Red Carpet Events, Exhibitions, Plants at Work, and Advertising Campaigns just to name a few. Our short term plant hire Events Team gets a real kick in adding the WOW factor to our clients' events.

Our Events Team takes great pride in what we do. If you are looking at short term plant hire for your next event or function, we would love to hear from you.

Your pop up garden is just a phone call away. It’s amazing how much lush greenery can spruce up your venue.

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Indoor Plant Hire

The Benefits of using a Professional Plant Hire Company

  • There are financial savings associated with professionally maintained plants.
  • Suitable plant species are chosen for the available lighting and space you have available. This ensures plants t h r i v e  and not just merely  s u r v i v e
  • Replacement of plants is included at no additional charge.
  • You are guaranteed a high quality range of plants sourced from the finest Australian growers.
  • Our range of stylish designer pots are sealed to ensure there are no spills or leaks. This prevents floor damage and safety hazards.
  • Our service maintenance schedule ensures your plants are always looking their vibrant best to create an ambience you can be proud of.

What is involved in owning and maintaining your own plants?


  • Sourcing and purchase of plants, containers, and mulch, ensuring pot is waterproof and is size appropriate for plant.
  • Sourcing and purchase of liner pots, horticulture tools including watering cans, secateurs, leaf shine, appropriate pest and disease products, cleaning equipment, etc.
  • Time involved in research and purchasing all necessary items and setting up of new plants.
  • Purchasing of replacement plants.
  • Considerable staff time involved in caring for and maintaining the plants and containers. This includes cleaning, watering, pruning, safe pest control, shining of foliage and purchase and changing of replacement plants.

What is included with our professional plant hire service? 

  • Free installation and delivery of plant hire with a quick turnaround time of 24-48 hours, depending on stock availability. We work with you to ensure your plants are serviced and maintained at a time that is convenient to you.
  • Regular scheduled maintenance program by a qualified plant technician that includes:
  • watering
  • cleaning and shining
  • pest and disease control
  • fertilizing
  • pruning
  • removal of spent foliage
  • Free plant replacement, as required, to keep your plants looking their best.

At Tropical Plant Rentals, we are well experienced in providing beautiful plant hire to enhance your event and make the process easy for you. We are specialists in our field for your event plant hire. Contact the best indoor plant hire company in Australia to hire plants for events of any kind.

With our stylish range of designer pots and the finest quality of indoor hire plants, your workplace will come to life with the addition of office plant hire from Tropical Plant Rentals.

Contact us today for an easy no-obligation consultation for your workplace plant hire needs.

So why not contact our team today, to talk about your event? Get in touch with us! An expert from our team would be happy to come and assess your indoor plant hire needs.

Some of our recent feedback received from clients:

Incredibly easy to work with

“I’ve worked with the team at Tropical Plant Rentals for over 4 years hiring plants for events and activations – they have a huge product range and have always delivered top quality plants. From small events to larger installations they always do their best to make it happen, regardless of how big or small the budget may be. The entire team are incredibly easy to work with from the guys in the office through to the team delivering.”

Erin ~ Begins with e

Couldn’t have done it without you

“We just wanted to say a massive thank you to you and your team for your help over the past 24 hours.  You really helped us bring our media wall dream to life! We’ll certainly be in touch in the future with our next event opportunity. Please pass on our thanks to Chase and Andrew   we couldn’t have done it without you guys!”

Jen ~ Kate & Co. Public Relations Agency

Fantastic to work with

“Tropical Plant Rentals have always been fantastic to work with. Great selection of plants, excellent customer service and always willing to go the extra mile when needed.”

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