5 Reasons You Need a Pot Plant Wall

Simple, elegant, and open in design, Pot Plant Wall offer flexible solutions for bringing green into the workplace. Beautiful plants in contemporary fibreglass pots are displayed in a steel framework, enabling a high volume of plants per square metre – providing visual interest and significant ‘clean air benefits’

Designed and engineered to individual specifications, Pot Plant Vertical Garden Walls can be used as a room divider or discrete privacy wall, the open design showcasing individual plants without blocking out light in a room. Where space is limited, Pot Plant Vertical Garden Wall can be fixed to an existing wall. Potted plants are a breath of fresh air for any space.

The Tropical Plant Rentals team are experienced professionals who love creating Potted Plants Walls in all types of settings. Our services are professional, individualised, and friendly. At Tropical Plant Rentals, we understand that your time is valuable, which is why we work with you to make the most of your space, bringing your vision to life. We can help you select the best potted plants for your Pot Plant Vertical Garden Wall.

Why Pot Plant Walls?

Pot Plant Walls are on trend right now. Their design impact is second to none, due to their size and added visual benefits. They look amazing, add freshness to the area and barely take up any space. If you want to lighten up any room and maintain flexibility, Pot Plant Vertical Garden Wall hire is the perfect design solution. You can easily select the potted plants that most suit your space.

Pot Plant Green Walls are perfect for:

  • Partitioning large or small spaces
  • Privacy screens
  • Design features
  • Enhancing walkways
  • Creating aesthetic value
  • Adding life and texture to a room

Pot Plant Vertical Garden Wall designs are the perfect statement piece. Since potted plants can function in any room, they become living architectural pieces. A Pot Plant Vertical Garden Wall transforms your space into a vibrant area of greenery that catches your attention and cleans the air.

Five Benefits of Pot Plant Wall Hire

Pot Plant Walls come in a variety of sizes, styles, and shapes. Our team will customise your Pot Plant Green Wall in a way that complements your space and benefits your environment by using your choice of potted plants. At Tropical Plant Rentals, we have a wide range and selection of pot plants to create the perfect wall.

Here are our top five reasons why Pot Plant Vertical GardenWall hire is the right investment for you:

#1: Pot Plant Walls make a bold statement

Pot Plant Wall designs are a wonderful statement piece to completely transform a space for a reasonable price. A dull office can suddenly become much more pleasant to work in when you add a layer of greenery.

#2 Pot Plant Walls are a unique feature

Whether you need a Pot Plant Wall for your reception area, a boardroom, or open office space, this green feature of potted plants will bring an authentic touch. Greenery can soften your workplace by adding a customised uniqueness.

#3 Pot Plant Walls provide spatial cues

As we have previously mentioned, Pot Plant Wall designs can either separate, contain or amplify a space by acting as dividers within a workplace, or any space.

#4 Pot Plant Walls are easily customised

Pot Plant Vertical Garden Wall designs can be custom-made to match your space. Whether you have a small or large space, our team can work with you to meet your Pot Plant Wall needs, matching both your budget and your requirements. Not only can you select your potted plants, but the wall can also be connected vertically or horizontally, depending on your space.

#5 Pot Plant Walls enhance air quality

The Green Star rating aims to reduce the impact of climate change through eco-friendly, sustainable practices, methods, and processes. Pot Plant Wall designs can contribute to this Green Star rating as they enhance air quality within your indoor environment. Nothing freshens up a space more than living greenery.

Next Steps

Are you ready to get started with your Pot Plant Wall hire?

At Tropical Plant Rentals, our team of experts is friendly, caring, and ready to serve you. We also provide a complimentary consultation and quote.

Simply contact Tropical Plant Rentals and one of our friendly, professional consultants will visit your workplace. Having extensive knowledge and experience in the market, your local consultant will recommend the most suitable plants for your Pot Plant Vertical Garden Wall.

What makes Tropical Plant Rentals different?

We bring freshness to the blandest spaces!

At Tropical Plant Rentals, we provide thorough, efficient service for all our clients. We will visit your workplace to best assess the needs of your indoor space. We have samples available in many sizes and shapes.

Our guarantee is to source the highest quality plants, and we are happy to work around your schedule and space to design the best Pot Plant Wall possible. Our costs include maintenance and replacements, so you don’t have to worry about these steps

So why not contact our team today, to talk about adding a Pot Plant Vertical Garden Wall to your office or event? Get in touch with us!
An expert from our team would be happy to come and assess your indoor plant hire needs.

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