External Green Wall Options: TPR290 & TPR105

External Green Walls

The TPR290 External Green Wall system offers flexible design solutions and can actually be utilised in both external and internal applications. The system comprises a sturdy galvanised steel structure that supports two-pot units housing specially designed grow pots which allow irrigation water to penetrate the soil easily and facilitate effortless plant changes. The TPR290 External Green Wall has a water reservoir and wicking system that enables extension of the irrigation cycle. The TPR290 External Green Wall will withstand outdoor conditions because of its strong framework and plant pot system which secures plants tightly into position.

external green wall
External Green Wall

TPR290 external green wall
TPR290 External Green Wall

TPR290 2-pot system
TPR290 2-pot System

TPR290 grow pot system
TPR290 Grow Pot System

TPR290 grow pot detail
TPR290 Grow Pot Detail

TPR290 plant detail
TPR290 Plant Detail

TPR290 wall structure
TPR290 Wall Structure

The TPR105 External Green Wall system is an economical solution providing flexible planting options. The system comprises steel mesh sections and small one-pot units which can be positioned closely together or further apart (a more economical solution). Over time, plant growth will cover the visible mesh. Quite detailed designs can be achieved with plant pots positioned closely together.

external green wall planting example
External Green Wall Planting Example

TPR105 external green wall mesh
TPR105 External Green Wall Mesh

TPR105 external green wall single plant pot
TPR105 External Green Wall Single Plant Pot

Living green walls are a fantastic way to bring more greenery to buildings and city scapes. We’re becoming increasingly aware of the importance of plants and greenery for our health and the health of the environment. External green walls are a simple, beautiful solution! Check out our green wall gallery for inspiration.

Here’s a list of our top 10 benefits of living green walls (and particularly our TPR290 and TPR105 varieties!)

Top 10 Benefits of External Green Walls

Living green walls are also known as ‘green infrastructure’ and can be the perfect connection between architecture and landscaping, bringing nature and buildings together. There are many advantages to having external green walls included in buildings and cityscapes.

External Green Wall Benefit #1: Cleaner Air

Because plants absorb CO2 and other particles decreasing air quality, living green walls are a fantastic way to help improve the air quality of a space.

Benefit #2: Cooling

Living green walls help decrease the temperature of urban areas, as well as the internal temperature of the buildings on which they grow. Amazing!

This also means saving energy, due to less cooling being required.

Benefit #3: Improved Biodiversity

Living green walls are a terrific way to encourage birds and insects (pollinators including bees etc.) to inhabit a space, increasing the area’s biodiversity.

Benefit #4: Rainwater Use

Make better use of rainwater by installing a living green wall, which will capture some of the water, ensuring a greener, happier, and healthier external green wall, while making better use of rainwater which would otherwise go down stormwater drains!

Benefit #5: Noise Reducing

Installing a living green wall can help to decrease ambient noise. The leaves act as a buffer, softening loud streets, increasing productivity of those working nearby.

Benefit #6: Health Benefits

We all know it‘s true. Being surrounded by nature is good for our physical and mental health. By installing living green walls, we can interact with plants more regularly, even when in urban spaces.

Amazing service. The Foliage wall looked amazing and the guys onsite were so friendly and easy to work with. Thank you for answering all my questions too and being so helpful.

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Benefit #7: Meet Eco-Friendly Construction Targets

For environment-savvy construction companies, it’s important to go above and beyond, doing whatever you can to help create an eco-friendly building. Installing living green walls is a perfect way to meet targets, increasing sustainability and demonstrating commitment to the health of the environment.

Benefit #8: Economically Beneficial

Living green walls are known to increase the value of buildings, due to the benefits we discuss in this article. Many businesses see the value in making a public statement on their commitment to the environment.

Benefit #9: Façade Protection

Living green walls can help to protect buildings from the wear and tear of weather exposure, extending the lifespan of facades.

External Green Wall Benefit #10: Happier People

This is perhaps one of our favourite benefits of external green walls! They have such a positive social impact! Those who live or work in a green environment report feeling happier, healthier, more creative, have increased productivity and greater job satisfaction! It’s a win for both employees and employers!

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