GSky Smart Wall™

GSky Smart Wall™ is perfect for indoor environments such as lobbies, hallways, and other places of high traffic where the vertical garden can be enjoyed by many.

Built for quick and simple installation, the GSky Smart Wall™ system is a naturally beautiful, eco-friendly, durable and economical vertical garden solution.

GSky Smart Wall™ features include:

Fully integrated design – allows for placement anywhere, no need for a water connection.

Irrigation tank and pump – water tank, pump and timer are integrated into the base of the system, can be filled by hand.

Non-spilling – no water falls forward of the system, so no need to worry about mopping up a wet floor!

Design flexibility – a wide variety of plants can be used in the wall (depending on light) enabling exciting design opportunities.  You can position several Smart Walls in a row to create a larger Green Wall!

Colors – several different colors to choose from.

portable vertical garden smart wall
GSky Smart Wall

portable vertical garden
Three GSky Smart Walls

portable vertical garden
GSky Smart Wall with foliage detail

portable vertical garden
GSky Smart Wall with foliage detail