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Green Walls
green walls vertical planting system

Why Invest in Green Walls?

Green walls are also known as living walls, vertical gardens, and vertical planting systems. They are more than just a decoration for your corporate or private building. Green walls are a great way to improve the human experience and promote green living. On the human side, green walls can absorb high frequency noises. Depending on...
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vertical garden inspiration

Vertical Gardens

Vertical gardens are not a new concept. Traditionally, they have been used in commercial settings – large office spaces, foyer areas and large retailers. However, vertical gardens are no longer restricted to office and shop spaces. Vertical gardens are now an achievable option in the residential environment too. Vertical gardens can provide a connection to...
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green media wall

Green Media Walls

These days it’s hard to find that extra edge when planning an event. In this time poor, budget savvy climate, you need the “wow factor” without the price tag and without spending too much time and effort. Media walls, and in particular, green media walls, are the perfect solution for event managers, event coordinators and...
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