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Green Walls

Most Frequently Asked Green Wall Questions

What is a Green Wall? A Green Wall is also known as a plant wall, vertical garden, bio-wall or a living wall. It can be free standing or attached to an internal or external wall. Green Walls support and incorporate vegetation in individual containers to combine a complete cover effect of an entire area. Green...
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All about our Green Wall Interior Plantscape Designs

We all thought Green Walls would be a fad 15 years ago. The concept of plants growing vertically inside on a wall. Then there was the question of watering them and the maintenance they would require. We all thought their fate would be imminent. Instead, they have turned out to be the biggest indoor plant...
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Top 5 Plant Trends for Office Plant Hire

With more than 40 years’ experience in office plant hire, we have seen many plant trends throughout that time.  Working closely with architects, designers and builders it allows us to stay up to date with the current trends.  Our current Top 5 plant trends for office plant hire are as follows. Pot Plant Vertical Garden...
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Does your Office Space Lack Inspiration?

Do you feel tired and dreary thinking of your office space? Does your office space lack spark and inspiration? Does your office space look dull and a bit boring? Perhaps you just don’t have the time. Or you don’t quite know where to start. You know it needs a lift, but you just can’t put...
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Short Term Event Plant Hire

At Tropical Plant Rentals our core business is permanent plant hire for your office.  We have over 40 years’ experience in the plant hire business and have really grown our business (pardon the pun) to include short term event plant hire as well. With extensive resources, we are able to provide plants and pots, green...
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Tropical Plant Rentals – more than an office plant hire company

Living Green Walls At Tropical Plant Rentals we don’t just hire indoor plants for your office.  We also create incredible living Green Walls.  Green Walls create an instant WOW factor. Five years ago, we visited Canada, USA and China to research the different models and their effectiveness and maintainability.  We have a range of living green...
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Does your office reception make a good first impression?

  Have you ever thought about your reception areas first impression to your visitors? An office reception is the first port of call for many visitors and potential new clients. The importance of a positive first impression is a very important. First impressions matter and a first impression is a lasting impression. Having a reception...
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A Typical Day in the life of an Indoor Office Plant Hire Technician

Indoor Office Plant Hire servicing starts in Parramatta My day starts at 6am. Heading off to spend 3 hours at the Parramatta Park Royal. Unfortunately, it’s not for the delicious buffet breakfast that I can smell on my way to the swimming pool. It’s not to do some laps in the lovely pool either. I...
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Green Star Rating and Green Infrastructure

Green Star is a sustainability rating system launched in 2003 by the Green Building Council of Australia. The system was set up to measure and assess how environmentally friendly a building is. The Green Star Rating system is measured at all stages of the built environment life cycle. Factors include the efficiency of the cooling...
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Why Invest in Green Walls?

Green walls are also known as living walls, vertical gardens, and vertical planting systems. They are more than just a decoration for your corporate or private building. Green walls are a great way to improve the human experience and promote green living. On the human side, green walls can absorb high frequency noises. Depending on...
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