Green Star Rating and Green Infrastructure

pipe planter pothos hanging basketsGreen Star is a sustainability rating system launched in 2003 by the Green Building Council of Australia. The system was set up to measure and assess how environmentally friendly a building is. The Green Star Rating system is measured at all stages of the built environment life cycle. Factors include the efficiency of the cooling system, energy saving, air quality, carbon footprint, hydrology, mental health, physical health and monetary efficiencies.

Green Infrastructure incorporates all the above, but has a broader platform to include parks, forests, trees in streets, green corridors, urban gardens, roadside plantings, wildlife passages and bioswales.

Green Star rating system, has created a competitive dynamic that can mean the difference between winning and losing business. Many designers and architects are leaning towards the Green Star Rating for the design and fitout of sustainable buildings.

How can we support the Green Star Rating?

Indoor plants play an important role in supporting the Green Star Rating. The role of an indoor plant hire company deals with and specialises in plant outs within the buildings.  In addition, rooftop gardens, balcony gardens, internal living green walls, cabinet tops, hanging plants, atriums and the traditional indoor potted plants.

Planet Ark completed a survey amongst Australians. It concluded they would give up to 5% of their salary to have a regular interaction with nature during their workday. The survey concluded a further 7% for a home that had a nearby natural environment such as parklands, beachfronts, forests and leafy riverbanks. The term Biophilia has recently been introduced to our language. Biophilia describes a human’s love of nature and an urge to be surrounded by nature.

Within the workplace, plants are now being used by architects and designers to reduce noise. Indoor plants are also being used as living partitions, as opposed to grey walls. Indoor plants are conclusive to giving a sense of privacy in an open plan office, without stifling the teamwork and camaraderie that is fostered in an open plan workspace.

Green Building Council of Australia has quoted that the Green Star buildings: –

  • Produce 62% fewer greenhouse gas emissions than average Australian buildings
  • Use 66% less electricity than average Australian buildings
  • Consume 51% less potable water than minimum industry standards
  • Recycle 96% of their construction and demolition waste

green wall in foyer

What are the benefits of Healthy Plants?

There are many benefits of having healthy indoor plants. They contribute to good mental health. Healthy indoor plants assist with an increase in productivity and a reduction in absenteeism brought about by mental fatigue.

As an indoor plant hire company, we have received feedback from many club managers and restaurant owners. Some of them have reported that largely unused spaces and tables have become popular when plants were moved into their vicinity. This confirms findings published by NASA,  universities, government and privately funded entities that indoor plants are beneficial to humans. Humans are drawn to nature.

How do Living Plants help?

Living plants are a key contributor to Green Building accreditation. This is measured by the surface area of the plant’s soil. It is the bacteria in the soil that breaks down the VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) such as n-hexane, formaldehyde and benzene. These substances and many others are carcinogenic to humans. However, these microbes break them down into carbon compounds that the plants can then use to grow and flourish. The by product is oxygen. The water that plants use, helps to humidify the air and contributes to the building’s internal climate control.

Rooftop gardens can reduce the cooling load of a building by up to 60%. Designers also note the positive effects to employees, of providing a green space on the exterior of buildings. The advantage of the visual aspects of exterior greenery has the same visual and beneficial effects of plants being used in an interior scape.

How can we help?

Tropical Plant Rentals can assist you with your Green Star Accreditation. We are skilled and experienced to support you every step of the way with your Green Star requirements. This includes all documentation and certification.

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