Meet Doug

I have been a Franchisee of Tropical Plant Rentals for 15 years.

What areas do you hire indoor plants to?

I service Newcastle and the surrounding suburbs.

What do you enjoy most about your indoor plant hire business?

I find that the best part of the job is not being stuck in an office, but being able to be on the move.

What’s your favourite desk plant to hire for offices and why?

The “Aglo” (Aglaonema) is the one plant that I would have to say is my favourite for a desk.

What’s your favourite office floor plant to hire and why?

In my opinion, the best floor plant would have to be the “Happy Plant” which is a low watering plant. It is a great looking plant with its arching sword like foliage.

What’s your best tip for keeping your Indoor Office Plants looking their best?

Definitely be careful not to over water your indoor office plants.