Benefits of Short Term Plant Hire

Short term plant hire is ideal for a wide range of small or large events. From business functions and product promotions to private events and parties, casual plant hire provides a boost to any interior or exterior space. And because it’s short term, Tropical Plant Rentals can tailor a solution specific to you and your event.

Plants used for event hire can help style and define a space. For product promotions, this could mean an extension of your brand’s identity. With the launch of Absolut’s Flavour of the Tropics, plants were chosen to create an appropriate tropical theme for the display. With Goulburn Valley, citrus plants were used to create visual impact and reinforce Goulburn Valley’s branding. And for Pernod Ricard’s promotion, vines and gently lit fairy lights transformed the space into an ambient vineyard. A wide range of plant species and pots is vital for event hire. It’s not enough for the plants to look good. Short term plant hire thrives on its ability to suit the customer’s very specific needs. Fortunately, Tropical Plant Rental has range and the design expertise to find the perfect solution.

short term plant hire Pernod Ricard

Our plants can be used to for a range of roles. The flowering colour plants are great for maintaining colour schemes like those described above. On top of that, their bright hues have an eye-catching quality. This is important for drawing the eye to the product, but can also be used to distract from less attractive areas in your event space. Geraniums, orchids, poinsettias, bromeliads, and more are available for short term plant hire.

Each plant is also available in a variety of pots. Black and white wedge pots provide a neutral base against a flower’s vivid colours. Plus the clean, angular lines of the pot contrast nicely with the organic shapes of any plant. And our wooden oak barrel pots present a different look and feel entirely. Potting contributes greatly to the overall effect a plant will have, and should not be underestimated.

Hedges are also available for casual plant hire. Aesthetically, not all greens are created equal. The conifer hedge has grounded, earthen tones, whereas the ficus emerald has brilliant emerald hues true to its name. But the true utility of hedge plants lies in their size and number. They can be used to visually obstruct less attractive areas in the event space. They can also be used to define the size and shape of the event space for small or large events alike. Keep small functions intimate by bordering the hired area, or keep larger events organised by constructing queues, entryways and exits, gates, and so on.

Finally, plants have the power of theming a space. A landscape can whisk people away to any destination by using the plants or even the shapes typical of that climate. For the tropical theme we described earlier, be sure to use generous amounts of palms. For a desert theme, cacti are available. The possibilities are endless.

Tropical Plant Rental is available Australia-wide. Our short term plant hire delivers to Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Newcastle, and more.