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Biophilic Design in the Workplace

As humans, we are hardwired with instinctual behaviour. This allows us to appreciate the beauty of nature. There is a Biophilia hypothesis that describes the idea that humans possess an innate tendency to seek connections with nature and other forms of life. It also describes the “passionate love of life and of all that is...
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Plants at work, home and school can clear your head

The Benefits of Indoor Plants – At Work, School, Home and More

There are many benefits of indoor plants, whether it be for your home, school or workplace. These benefits go far beyond the beauty and visual effects (aesthetics) of bringing some of nature indoors. 
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Wedding Event Plant Hire

11 Indoor Plant Trends for Offices & Events

Indoor plants are more popular than ever – in our homes, offices and commercial spaces. If you’re looking to improve your workplace or next corporate event, consider these 11 indoor plant trends. Indoor plants have many benefits for our health and wellbeing, and they can also make a great photo-op at an event!
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tropical plant rentals parramatta van

Indoor Plant Hire Technician Parramatta | A Day In The Life

Indoor Office Plant Hire servicing starts in Parramatta My day starts at 6am. Heading off to spend 3 hours at the Parramatta Park Royal. Unfortunately, it’s not for the delicious buffet breakfast that I can smell on my way to the swimming pool. It’s not to do some laps in the lovely pool either. I...
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