Best Office Plants

12 Best Office Plants To Liven Your Space 

Indoor plants are more popular than ever in offices. They serve many benefits for our health as well as being great to brighten up any space! The tricky thing is finding the right plants that will be best suited to your space and needs. Do you need plants that will survive in little light? Need very little maintenance? We’ve gathered our top 12 best office plants to help take the stress out of finding the right plants for you.

Our Top 12 Plants:

1. Janet Craig

With lush, rich green foliage, the Janet Craig plant adds instant impact to an office. This is our Number 1 plant to use for our office plant hire. It can adapt much easier than other varieties to limited light conditions. A Janet Craig plant will usually survive where no other plant can. It’s ability to adapt to low light means it requires a lot less water. It’s foliage polishes up beautifully and it is a real highlight to any office. It looks stunning in a white fibreglass container. So fresh with its crisp clean lines.

2. Kentia Palm

The always reliable Kentia Palm also tops our favourite indoor plant hire list. It does perform better with a reasonable amount of light. It can often cope better than we anticipate in lower light as well. We find it to be a very adaptable plant. Whether in floor pots or troughs, the Kentia Palm always looks great. With its graceful feather palm fronds, it proves it’s worth as a real statement plant. The Kentia Palm adapts well to warm and cool air conditioning climates in offices. This makes it a great plant to use for office plant hire.

3. Aglaonema

With so many varieties to choose from, the Aglaonema deservingly earns its position on our top 12 best office plants list. With beautiful pink, red and green varieties, the aglaonema looks stunning in every shade. It is predominantly used as a desk plant for our plant hire customers. It also looks great in small troughs, green walls and our Pot Plant Vertical Garden Walls. The BJ Freeman green leaf variety also makes a beautiful floor and trough plant. The Aglaonema ticks the box for our top 12 best office plant list with its ability to survive in low light and with its low watering requirement. As well as it’s ability to always provide a beautiful display to our Plant Hire clients

4. Pothos (Devil’s Ivy)

The Pothos adds a stunning display in so many ways to our plant hire clients. The colour varieties provide a lovely display to any office. The lime green Goldilocks with its trailing habits is always popular for our hanging pots plant hire. It also looks great in a table bowl and in our Green Wall displays. The variegated leaf on other varieties also looks great with splashes of green, yellow and cream. The Pothos Totem is always a popular choice amongst our plant hire clientele. With a large leaf surface area, the Pothos Totem has exceptional clean air benefits. Not only stunning for your office plantscape, also wonderful health benefits for your staff and guests. Pothos plants are always a favourite for our indoor plant hire.

5. Zanzibar Gem

With their glossy thick dark green leaves, Zanzibar Gems provide a beautiful display in any office. With their ability to perform in low and high light offices, the Zanzibar Gem is a popular selection amongst our Plant Hire Clients. Whether used as a small desk or large floor plant, this little Gem always looks great. With its tear shaped leaves and graceful stems, it provides a statement in any size pot. It is also a popular choice for tambour units, troughs, partition troughs and Pot Plant Vertical Garden Walls. It really is the most versatile indoor plants we hire. Also great for cleaning the air. It has so many great features and deserves its position on our top 12 best office plants.

6. Happy Plants

Happy plants are some of the most common and well-known indoor office plants. With their light and dark green streaked leaves, they are able to provide great contrast and breathe life into your office space. They thrive in places out of direct sunlight in well-lit areas, meaning they are perfect for indoor spaces. Happy plants are great as a larger floor plant or a small desk plant.

7. Fiddle-leaf Fig (Ficus Lyrata)

The Ficus Lyrata, more commonly known as the Fiddle-leaf Fig is very popular, making it one of the best office plants. These leaves are very large, making it a great statement in your office. While they do grow slower compared to other plants, as long as you maintain them in a mid to high light environment and be cautious about watering, you will see them grow to be quite tall.

8. Bamboo Palms

Bamboo palms are a great addition to any office space. Bringing a little bit of the tropical mood to your workspace, these plants require very little maintenance as they only require a little bit of sun to grow and thrive. With their thin trunks and leafy foliage, they not only provide a good feature piece in any corner of your office, but can also be put into boxed planters as dividers between desks and work spaces.

9. Strelitzia

The Strelitzia, more commonly known as the “Bird of Paradise” is a great office plant due to their larger leaves. While they do prefer to be away from any cooling vents you may have due to their tropical nature, they are able to grow to be quite tall and don’t require much maintenance. They are unlikely to flower due to not being in their natural tropical environment, but look great in any size pot.

10. Sansevieria

The Sansevieria, also called the Snake Plant or the Mother-in-Law’s Tongue is an easy to care plant, making it one of the best office plants. They suit every space in your office, whether it be taller, mature plants on the floor or short plants in small plants on shelves or on your desk. While preferring periods of direct sun, they are able to grow with little light and can go for months without water.

11. Spathiphyllum

The Spathiphyllum, or Peace Lily, is well known for its lush, dark green leaves and white flowers. They can come in all shapes and sizes and don’t require much space or daylight in order to thrive in your office. They don’t require a lot of water to survive and are great at removing toxins or Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) from the air, giving you an overall better air quality. Check out our full list of indoor plant benefits.

12. Peperomia

Peperomia is one of the smaller office plants available and is perfect for sitting on your desk or your shelves. Their leaves can come in a range of different sizes depending on which species you have. They do well out of direct light and require very little watering like other similar succulents. While they do come from tropical areas, they prefer to be in less humid areas life offices, making it one of the best office plants.

What options do I have for my office plants?

The beauty of finding the best office plants, is that they have the ability to be adapted to whatever space you need them for. Plants are great in providing workplaces with a professional, friendly and welcoming vibe is important. It helps nurture and influence potential clients to feel connected to your business. It can be surprising what a difference fresh green foliage can make!

There are many different options you have for selecting where your plants are located in your office.

 Best Office Plants - Desk potsDesk Plants

Desk plants are an ideal and simple way to brighten up a reception area and improve the indoor air quality. A touch of foliage on a reception desk can really make a statement.

 Best Office Plants - Hanging pots

Hanging Pots

Stylish hanging pots with lush greenery are a favourable option if floor space is minimal. Hanging pots can be hung above a reception desk, in front of a window or perhaps on a wall of your reception area.

Office reception plants - Floor potsFloor Plants

Floor plants can provide the perfect finishing touch to your interior office design. Our many pots come in various shapes and sizes. They can be customised to suit your interior design, whether being a small or large indoor office space.


Troughs with attractive green foliage are the perfect solution to add some life to a plain tambour unit. Troughs can also be stand alone to provide a screen or divider in your office or reception areas.

Vertical Gardens

Vertical Gardens are becoming popular with their sustainability in construction designing. Vertical Gardens provide an incredible statement the moment your client steps inside. They provide a warm and welcoming feel and are a growing trend all over the world. Vertical Gardens are a clever way to make the most of minimal space. They are ideal for adding a splash of colour to a dull wall.

Tropical Plant Rentals is a professional indoor plant hire company. We have a dedicated team of trained staff specialising in the hiring and maintenance of lush and healthy indoor office plants. We consult independently with the client or work collaboratively with interior designers, architects and building companies.

Get in touch with us today to find your best office plants.