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Building Beautiful Workplaces, Indoor Spaces and Events for 40+ Years

Tropical Plant Rentals has more than 40 years of experience providing affordable indoor and office plants for hire in Mayfield and throughout the east coast region of Australia. With over 3,000 happy clients, our team have the expertise and knowledge to assist with your office interior green design.

We are committed to creating healthy, happy and productive workplace environments where people and businesses thrive. This includes our indoor plant hire, green walls and vertical gardens, and event plant hire services to Mayfield.

We can provide you with solutions to meet your every need. If you are looking at exciting guests with that “wow factor”, you require pleasant-looking corporate sponsorship or improve the well-being of your staff, Tropical Plant Rentals can help provide events and indoor plants to Mayfield.


We provide quality plant hire services to Mayfield including:

Some of our recent feedback received from clients:

Incredibly easy to work with

“I’ve worked with the team at Tropical Plant Rentals for over 4 years hiring plants for events and activations – they have a huge product range and have always delivered top quality plants. From small events to larger installations they always do their best to make it happen, regardless of how big or small the budget may be. The entire team are incredibly easy to work with from the guys in the office through to the team delivering.”

Erin ~ Begins with e

Couldn’t have done it without you

“We just wanted to say a massive thank you to you and your team for your help over the past 24 hours.  You really helped us bring our media wall dream to life! We’ll certainly be in touch in the future with our next event opportunity. Please pass on our thanks to Chase and Andrew   we couldn’t have done it without you guys!”

Jen ~ Kate & Co. Public Relations Agency

Fantastic to work with

“Tropical Plant Rentals have always been fantastic to work with. Great selection of plants, excellent customer service and always willing to go the extra mile when needed.”

Rebekah ~ Rizer – Event Agency

Indoor Plant Hire and Office Plant Rental is a great way to enhance your work environment in Mayfield. Plants help improve air quality for indoor / office environments, bringing natural oxygen-generating elements into indoor and workspaces. Tropical Plant Rentals offers a range of affordable rental plants and maintenance plans designed for your specific Mayfield office space needs. Our range includes indoor office plants, green walls, plant hire for events and designer pot plants. Read on for more details!


Tropical Plant Rentals offers a diverse range of healthy living indoor plants, and stunning designer hire pots to enhance every office space.

We are committed to providing excellent plant hire products, together with a quality indoor plant maintenance program to ensure your plants always look their best.

Introducing indoor plants to your office will improve the wellbeing of your staff and enhance the indoor environmental quality (IEQ) of your space. Plants at work help remove the VOCs from our indoor air, help absorb noise and provide oxygen. Indoor plants will also contribute 2 points to your Green Star Rating when a professional indoor plant hire company comes to maintain it regularly.

The visual enhancement that indoor hire plants provide will impress your staff and your customers by showing them you care about their health, wellbeing and the image of your business.

How Do I Arrange My Mayfield Indoor Plant Hire

Organising your indoor plant hire just takes 4 easy steps:

  1. Consult and Design

One of our experienced team will come to you at a time convenient for you to chat about your design goals and assess your space, lighting and ambience. The best part is it’s obligation-free!

  1. Proposal

We will prepare a proposal based on your requirements, providing you with different options for plants, pots and green walls to meet your budget and plant hire design needs.

  1. Installation

We provide efficient, fuss-free installation for your indoor plant hire, transforming your office with our attention to detail.

  1. Maintenance

Our team of fully qualified and trained specialists will ensure your plants look the best they can including watering, cleaning, fertilising and control of insects and diseases, meaning you can focus on your business.

Health Benefits of Indoor Plants

Studies have shown that indoor office plants provide a range of health benefits to indoor spaces, including reducing stress and improving air quality as well as boosting productivity and concentration.

Improve Air Quality

Indoor plants filter out and process pollutants and toxins which help to reduce pollution, keep humidity at a comfortable level and reduce dust levels. They help to improve the air quality by emitting oxygen, reducing the carbon dioxide which contributes to fatigue and headaches.

Improving Mental Health

Plants help to boost your mood by providing a sense of comfort and relaxation. Being surrounded by lush greenery can encourage mindfulness and bring about feelings of serenity as well as reducing psychological and physiological stress.

Reduce Blood Pressure

Offices contain high levels of pollutants like VOCs and CO2, which negatively impact air quality. Indoor plants can absorb these particles, improving air quality and reducing blood pressure. Tending to indoor plants regularly can positively affect mood and cognition, which in itself has been associated with improved cardiovascular health.



Green walls and vertical gardens can help you improve your workplace performance and enhance the environment. Green walls are great in offices, foyers, showrooms and exteriors. We have over 10 years of experience installing green walls.

Living green walls are a great way to enhance your workplace performance, stimulating the senses, and bringing nature indoors. Our expert team can design, construct, plant, irrigate and maintain each Green Wall design.

While green walls and vertical gardens are traditionally used in Mayfield commercial settings including large office spaces, foyer areas and large retailers, they can also be used in residential environments connecting homeowners to outdoor spaces.

Green Wall Hire Sydney


Tropical Plant Rentals also offers stunning plant event hire services in and around most areas of Mayfield. Need to lush up your next special celebration with some tropical vibes to make it a memorable event? We’ll make it happen! Our staff is skilled in theming and setting the scene perfectly to your event and tastes. Our plants and pots, combined with our additional props, help suit any style and budget.

We have a range of themes available depending on what style you desire for your Mayfield event. We can provide plants for special events if you are seeking a Vineyard Theme, Formal Theme or Autumnal Theme as well as Australian Native, Boho, Industrial, Tropical or Coastal themes and vibes. No matter what your event, we take the stress out of finding how best to decorate your spaces and functions. We provide event plant hire for Racing Carnivals, Expos, Photoshoots, Festivals, Functions, Weddings, Corporate Parties, and even Movie Sets!

Our props are a great way to excite your guests with that “wow” factor. They help add to the overall theme of your event and help personalise it until you’re happy and content. Media walls combine sponsorship and corporate promotion with plant scaping, providing a captivating backdrop for photos, interviews, exhibitions and displays. Head over to our event plant hire page to check out our plant and green wall hire for functions.

Some Examples of Our Event Plant Hire Jobs

Tropical Plant Rentals provides indoor plant hire services, green wall hire and vertical gardens, and event plant hire to Mayfield, New South Wales. We have over 40 years of experience providing rental plants across Australia helping improve overall wellbeing in offices and commercial spaces and transform your events.

Contact us to get a quote today on providing beautiful plants to your space.

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