Our Top Plants for Indoor Plant Hire

We have many favourite plants that we love to supply to our clients to suit their office plant hire needs. It was hard to narrow it down to just five. From Brisbane to the Gold Coast, Newcastle, Sydney, Chatswood, Parramatta and Melbourne, we had our team choose the top 5 plants they prefer for indoor plant hire.

When it comes to choosing indoor plants for your office space, there is much to consider. It could be whether you are, stylistically, wanting green walls or floor plants. It could come down to plant benefits to improve indoor air quality to add greenery to improve the overall office environment.  

We have a large range of plants for indoor plant hire for you to add to your office space. 

After much debate, our Plant Hire specialists have agreed (almost) on our Top 5 office plants. In no particular order, here they are: 

1. Janet Craig 

With lush, rich green foliage, the Janet Craig plant adds instant impact to an office. This is our Number 1 plant to use for office plants. It can adapt much easier than other varieties to limited light conditions.  

About the Janet Craig: 

A Janet Craig plant will usually survive where no other plant can. Its ability to adapt to low light means it requires a lot less water. Its foliage polishes up beautifully and it is a real highlight to any office. It looks stunning in a white fibreglass container.  

It also has such a fresh look with its crisp clean lines. Adding these office plants will bring so much life to your indoor environment as well as improve air quality. 

Janet Craig is a popular houseplant that is known for its ability to clean the air in your home. It’s easy to care for and doesn’t need much light.  

If you’re looking for a low-maintenance plant to add to your home, Janet Craig is a great option. 

2. Kentia Palm

The always reliable Kentia Palm also tops our favourite indoor plant hire list. It does perform better with a reasonable amount of light. It can often cope better than we anticipate in lower light as well.  

About the Kentia Palm: 

We find it to be a very adaptable plant. Whether in floor pots or troughs, the Kentia Palm always looks great. With its graceful feather palm fronds, it proves its worth as a real statement plant. These indoor plants adapt well to warm and cool air conditioning climates in offices.  

The Kentia palm is a small to medium-sized palm that is native to the rainforests of Australia. It has a slender trunk and fan-like leaves that are green on top and silver on the bottom.  

This palm is popular for its ornamental value and is often used in tropical-themed gardens. It grows best in moist, well-drained soil and can tolerate both full sun and partial shade. This makes it a great plant to use for office plant hire.

3. Aglaonema 

With so many varieties to choose from, the Aglaonema deservingly earns its position on our Top 5 Plant Hire List. With beautiful pink, red and green varieties, the aglaonema looks stunning in every shade.  

About the Aglaonema: 

It is predominantly used as a desk plant for our plant hire customers. It also looks great in small troughs, green walls and our Pot Plant Vertical Garden Walls. The BJ Freeman green leaf variety also makes a beautiful floor and trough plant.  

These indoor plants tick the box for our Top 5 Plant hire List with their ability to survive in low light and with their low watering requirement. As well as its ability to always provide a beautiful display to our Plant Hire clients. 

Aglaonema is a genus of plants that is native to Southeast Asia. There are around fifty species of aglaonema, and they are popular houseplants because they are easy to care for.  

4. Pothos (Devil’s Ivy)

Hanging Pots and troughs, table bowls and Totem Poles. The Pothos adds a stunning display in so many ways to our plant hire clients. The colour varieties provide a lovely display for any office.  

About the Pothos (Devil’s Ivy): 

The lime green Goldilocks with its trailing habits is always popular for our hanging pots plant hire. It also looks great in a table bowl and our Green Wall displays. The variegated leaf on other varieties also looks great with splashes of green, yellow and cream. These indoor plants are always a popular choice amongst our plant hire clientele. With a large leaf surface area, the Pothos Totem has exceptional clean air benefits.  

Not only stunning for your office plantscape, but also wonderful health benefits for your staff and guests. Pothos plants are always a favourite for our indoor plant hire. 

Pothos is a popular houseplant that is easy to care for. It does well in indirect light and can tolerate low humidity levels. Pothos is a trailing plant that can be trained to grow on a trellis or other support.

5. Zanzibar Gem

With their glossy thick dark green leaves, Zanzibar Gems provide a beautiful display in any office. With their ability to perform in low and high-light offices, the Zanzibar Gem is a popular selection amongst our Plant Hire Clients.  

About the Zanzibar Gem: 

Whether used as a small desk or large floor plant, this little Gem always looks great. With its tear-shaped leaves and graceful stems, it provides a statement in any size pot.  

It is also a popular choice for tambour units, troughs, partition troughs and Pot Plant Vertical Garden Walls. It is the most versatile indoor plant we hire. It is also great for cleaning the air.  

The Zanzibar Gem plant is a tropical plant that is native to Africa. It is a perennial plant that can grow up to six feet tall. The leaves are dark green and heart-shaped, and the flowers are small and white.  

The Zanzibar Gem plant is used for hedging and screening, and it is also drought tolerant. It has so many great features and deserves its position on our Top 5 Plants for Indoor Plant Hire. 


Narrowly missing our Top 5 Plants for Indoor Office Plant Hire were Happy Plants, Ficus lyrata, Bamboo Palms, Strelitzia, Sanseveria, Spathiphyllum, Peperomia, Kauri Pines and Queensland Umbrella Trees. We believe we have some of the best plants to offer you for your work spaces. 

Contact our friendly team today for more information when it comes to hiring indoor plants for your office space or your indoor spaces. We would love to have a conversation about what the best plant options are for you.