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Spring Tips for Healthy and Thriving Indoor Plants

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With the arrival of Spring, we’re feeling motivated to give our garden’s an overhaul for the new season. Don’t forget your indoor plants too! They need some love and attention in Spring to keep them looking their best. We’ve got the best indoor plant tips.

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Spring is the perfect time to repot your indoor plants

As the plant grows, it depletes the potting soil of its nutrients. Repotting with new soil will replace the lost nutrients and encourage new growth and assist your plant to thrive. Also, planting into a larger pot will allow the plant to grow. With the warmer weather upon us, it won’t cause too much distress to your indoor plant’s root system.

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Spring is also the perfect time to fertilise

One of the most common, but often forgotten indoor plant tips is fertilising! After hibernating through winter, your indoor plants have awakened and are now ready to grow. Just like humans, plants need to be fed. A good slow-release reputable fertiliser will nourish your indoor plants and promote growth and overall good health for your indoor plant. You can incorporate the slow-release fertiliser into the potting mix at the time of re-potting.

Foliage Care

To ensure your indoor plants stay healthy and pest and disease-free, it’s important to care for your plants’ foliage. A good clean of the leaves with a damp cloth will allow your indoor plant to continue to clean the air in your house. A little leaf shine will also keep your indoor plant looking its best. Spring is also a great time to treat your indoor plants monthly with a good pest and disease product. Being a company grounded in nature, we like to use eco-friendly products. Eco Oil is a great product that is healthy for plants and safe for humans and pets. It assists with controlling pests including scale, mealybugs and whitefly. Be sure to inspect your plants’ foliage regularly so you can solve any pest and disease problems sooner rather than later.

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Re-adjust Plant Watering Needs

As the temperature and light levels increase with the Spring season, it is important to adjust your watering requirements for optimal health of your indoor plants. Only water your indoor plants when they feel dry – you can check this by placing your finger into the soil or with the use of a water meter. Overwatering is the biggest error with indoor plants. Be sure to water your indoor plants deeply and then give them the chance to dry out between waterings. This will ensure their foliage is always looking it’s best.

Trim to maintain shape

With Spring comes the new growth season for your plant. Don’t be afraid to give your plant a little trim as needed to maintain its shape and promote new growth.

Indoor plants bring much joy and happiness to our lives. Their ability to act as a natural filter to remove toxins from the air along with the promotion of focus and calm feelings, it’s no wonder we like to surround ourselves with indoor plants.

If you would like us to bring the tranquility of indoor plants to your office with our office plant hire  and maintenance program, we’d love to hear from you. From as little as $20 week, you can create an office space that will have you and your staff enjoying cleaner air and revelling in the many benefits that indoor plant hire provides.