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Stylish Designer Pots for Hire at Tropical Plant Rentals

Any indoor space, especially an office, can benefit greatly from the presence of greenery. As leading interior plant-scape professionals, we offer an exclusive range of stylish designer pots and containers for hire to suit any indoor office environment. You may also wish to consider our outdoor and indoor plant hire and event plant hire services.

Our affordable designer pots and containers range are diverse and able to complement any interior design concept. Our range embraces modern, contemporary, traditional, rustic and Scandinavian designs right through to industrial, bohemian, or coastal/Hampton style. Whatever the look you’re after, we can assist you in reaching your design goals.

We offer a colour match service to ensure we can supply the perfect indoor pot for your colour scheme. As well as carrying our own exclusive range, we also work in conjunction with local leading container suppliers to enhance our indoor plant pot hire range even further.

Tropical Plant Rentals is your best option when it comes to plant pot hire. Plant pot hire is perfect for a variety of occasions and needs. Whether you need plants for your office or an event, plant pot hire will provide you with variety, style, and beauty. Because we are specialists in plant rentals, we have extensive knowledge of exactly what might suit your space best.

Our wide range of plants will suit all kinds of tastes. Perhaps you have an upcoming event such as a wedding, birthday, or conference and you require plant pot hire. We can organise for you to have the best selection of plants and pots for your needs. The best part of working with Tropical Plant Rentals is that you don’t have to worry about maintenance. We will take care of that for you.

Our plant pot hire service suits both indoor and outdoor venues. Our expert team knows how best to style your plants to lift the aesthetic of the room. Plants bring freshness to any space. They add a touch of colour, and they boost the vitality of those who come across them. Plants also have proven benefits in boosting productivity and reducing stress.

 Why work with Tropical Plant Rentals

At Tropical Plant Rentals, we have a team of plantscape professionals. We can help you with your plant pot hire goals with our exclusive range of stylish pots and containers. Since they come at an affordable price, you will enjoy the benefits of fresh plants without having to worry about exorbitant costs. Our range embraces modern, contemporary, traditional, rustic, and Scandinavian designs right through to industrial, bohemian, or coastal/Hampton style.

Tropical Plant Rentals is all about options. We not only carry our own exclusive range, but we also work in conjunction with leading local container suppliers to enhance our indoor plant pot hire range even further. We also offer a colour match service to ensure we can supply the perfect indoor pot for your colour scheme.

Plant pot hire has never been easier and more beneficial. Plants bring a dull room to life. If you want to create a warm, welcoming environment, indoor plants will be the perfect element. Our plant experts will supply the necessary maintenance you need to keep them looking fresh. You don’t have to worry about watering, cleaning and tending to the plants. That’s our job. We work with your schedule and your preferences.

Tropical Plant Rentals is an expert in plant pot hire. We will supply maintenance and remove any plants that need replacement. Your plant needs are in safe hands with us.

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Our Range

Our range of stunning fibreglass plant pots come in a variety of styles, sizes, shapes and colours to create the real WOW factor. Our pots also come in a sleek black or white gloss finish and a matte concrete textured finish is now available on selected styles.

Our beautiful range of plant pot hire and containers include various desktop planters, floor pots, hanging planters, wall mounted planters and troughs. If space allows, why not choose from our extra-large floor pot range to highlight large healthy plants and really make an impact.

One of our friendly team will be happy to have a chat or arrange a site visit for a no-fuss, no-obligation quote. Beautiful office plant pot hire not only enhances your company image but can also impress your staff, clients, and visitors.

If you’d like to brighten your space using our healthy indoor plants and stylish pots and containers, contact us online or free call 1800 631 365

Some of our recent feedback received from clients:

What Our Customers Say

  • Another OpenAir cinema season complete with great service, as always (after more than 10 years), from Tropical Plant Rentals. The TPR team are always highly professional, doing a great job getting the plants in and out of the event site at Mrs Macquarie’s Point and maintaining them throughout each season. The stunning plants and greenery used around the venue make the world’s most beautiful cinema even more beautiful! Highly recommended.

    Westpac Open Air
  • Recreo has been with Tropical Plant Rentals for over a year now and Mitch and his team are very professional. Great customer service and always good to see them when they service the plants. We also moved premises recently and the transition from our old premises to our new premises was seamless. Having plants in the office just adds that extra something special to the environment.

  • Liz from Tropical Plant Rentals provides beautiful plants that breathe life into our office – and has been doing so for over 25 years! Her service is both professional and reliable and she is a pleasure to have in our office. We highly recommend Liz for all your plant rental needs!

  • Liz and the team at TPR are wonderful. We’ve been using them for at least 4 years now and its certainly a whole lot easier than attempting to do it ourselves. The service is easy, affordable and the plants always look healthy and great. In the odd event that one starts to look off, Liz replaces with no questions asked! Great service – I highly recommend TPR

  • We’ve been using Tropical Plat Rentals each summer for more than 10 years at our premium event. Mitch and his team are a pleasure to work with, providing reliable service every time. And their plants always look great, enhancing the look and the feel of the event site. We’ll be using them next summer and would recommend TPR to any business!

  • I’ve been using TPR for over 2 years now and are without doubt my number one plant supplier. Always delivering high quality products with professional staff & services. A great supplier to work with!

  • Recreo has been with Tropical Plant Rentals for over a year now and Mitch and his team are very professional, great customer service and always good to see them when they service the plants. We also moved premises recently and the transition from our old premises to our new premises was seamless. Have plants in the office just adds that extra something special to the environment.

  • Really happy to have partnered with Jayne at TPR to bring fresh air and green to our offices with quality plants and her first class service. TPR is our trusted and preferred supplier for all our greenery needs. Highly recommended.

  • Mitch and his team at Tropical Plant Rentals recently provided a one-stop shop to bring greenery into our office. They gave their time to check out the space and recommend a suite of plants that would thrive and complement the different areas around the office. The plants are a very welcome addition and we don’t even have to worry about looking after them as their service includes ongoing maintenance and watering!

  • Absolutely fabulous service! We have some hanging plants in our office and because of Mitch and the great team at TPR our office looks great! Friendly and professional service. Came in to quote up and advise which plants would look the best in our office. Pleasure to do business with them! We have recommended them to other businesses.

  • We have worked with TPR for the last 2 years and can say they are the most professional supplier of indoor plants that we have worked with. Recently they were able to supply each of our team a lush and exotic indoor plant to highlight RUOK Day via our management team (at a very generous price). The team are delighted and we are delighted to work with TPR for all our plant needs. Our office looks gorgeous because of them and Liz our plant carer is gorgeous.

  • Thank you tom you and your amazing team for outstanding service with delivery, drop off and communication leading up to our event.

    The plants were superb and every one of you were wonderful to deal with.

    Your assistance was greatly appreciated and I look forward to working with you in the future!


Our Events Team takes great pride in what we do. If you are looking at short term plant hire for your next event or function, we would love to hear from you.

Your pop up garden is just a phone call away. It’s amazing how much some lush greenery can spruce up your venue.

Call today to discuss Short Term Event Plant Hire for your special event on 1800 631 365.


You will find a sleek black and white semi-gloss finish on all our fibreglass range and a matte concrete textured finish available on selected styles. Ask us about our range of options.

pot range mini desktop garden

Desktop Mini Garden Bowl

 Size   Dimensions (mm)   Colour 
Sml 200w x 140h 
Lge 240w x 200h  
pot range table wedges

Garden Table Wedge

 Size   Dimensions (mm)   Colour 
Sml 280w x 200h
Lge 330w x 240h 
pot range table bowls

Table Bowl

 Size   Dimensions (mm)   Colour 
  330w x 180h
Pot Range Cone Pots

Cone Range

 Size   Dimensions (mm)   Colour 
Sml 350w x 430h 
Med 400w x 500h
Tall 450w x 910h
pot range square pots

Square Range

 Size  Dimensions (mm)  Colour 
 Med  400w x 400d x 425h
 Lge  400w x 400d x 600h 
pot range cylinders

Cylinder Range

 Size   Dimensions (mm)   Colour 
Med  400w x 500h 
Lge 400w x 800h 
pot range wedges

Wedge Range

 Size  Dimensions (mm)  Colour 
Sml 400w x 400d x 600h 
Med 400w x 400d x 730h
Tall 400w x 400d x 840h 
Pot Range Luna Sets

Luna Range

 Size   Dimensions (mm)  Colour
Sml 300w x 260d 
Med 400w x 340d 
Lge 550w x 420d 
pot range trough partition

Partition Trough

 Size   Dimensions (mm)   Colour 
   760w x 170d x 165h 
pot range mondo trough

Mondo Trough

Size Dimensions (mm)  Colour 
   1050w x 160d x 150h 
pot range green star trough

Green Star Trough – Single

 Size   Dimensions (mm)   Colour 
   900w x 250d x 250h 
pot range green star trough doubles

Green Star Trough – Double

 Size   Dimensions (mm)  Colour 
   900w x 500d x 250h 
pot range troughs low

Trough Low

 Size  Dimensions (mm)  Colour 
   1200w x 420d x 425h 


Pot Range trough slim

Trough Slim

 Size  Dimensions (mm)  Colour 
   1200w x 320d x 600h  

Trough High

 Size  Dimensions (mm)  Colour 
   1200w x 420d x 600h  pot colour black white
extra large pots with graeme extra large white pot range

Extra Large Pots

 Size   Dimensions (mm)   Colour 
Sml 600w x 610d pot colour white
Med 800w x 820d pot colour white
Tall 1000w x 1000d pot colour white

Perhaps you’ve never owned a plant before, so even the thought of considering designer pots is foreign to you. However, here at Tropical Plant Rentals, we can make your green life much easier. Plant pot hire is our specialty, and our range includes designer pots. You might be considering the leap into the world of plants, so let’s explore why designer pots are worth the attention.

1. Material

Factors like how much water a plant absorbs or how much heat it retains can influence which material is the best kind for your pot. When you work with a team like Tropical Plant Rentals, our green thumb experts can help you pick pots with the best materials for your plants. Designer pots have the benefit of a trusted reputation in providing quality products. It’s more likely you won’t have to worry about replacements or mishaps.

Each plant is unique and has individual needs. Some plants are sensitive to heat or light, and some are sensitive to overwatering. Designer pots have considered all the factors that influence your plant’s lifetime and do a great job at fostering their longevity. Designer pots come in a wide range of materials including ceramic, plastic, wood, stone, clay, and much more. You can pick one to suit your décor with some of our expert advice. Therefore, choosing a designer pot will guarantee a longer lifetime both for the plant and the pot.

2. Size

Plants come in all shapes and sizes. When thinking of plants, the size of the pot matters. The general rule of thumb is for the size of the pot to be one size larger than that of the plant. Designer pots come in a range of sizes with the added benefit of quality craftsmanship. While some plants can stay in the same pot for years, others can grow quickly and require repotting regularly. It’s important to pick the right pot in the right size.

Often, the tag of “designer” can make it seem like it will come with a high price tag. However, Tropical Plant Rentals can provide you with plant pot hire on designer pots at an affordable price. With plant pot hire, you won’t have any added concerns when it comes to size selection on your designer pot. Plant pot hire can make your life easier and your office or workspace fresher.

If your plants grow and need repotting, our team can provide a new option and repot your plants at no additional cost. We have a wide selection of designer plant pots that will suit any greenery need you might have.

3. Drainage

Drainage might be the most important factor when purchasing plant pots. Usually, pots for indoor plants have holes at the bottom. The holes will allow the plant to grow, allowing excess water to drain at the bottom of the pots. If you are new to the plant world, it is especially important to select a designer pot with drainage. This way, you don’t have to be concerned about your watering skills.

Lack of drainage puts a plant at risk. If a plant is wet for too long, it can die. Excess water can also cause fungus and bacteria to proliferate, rotting plant roots and stems and ultimately, killing the plant. As the adage goes, anything in excess is not good. Drainage holes ensure water doesn’t gather at the base of the pot. Our designer pots have a remarkable construction that is both functional and sleek.

Pots without holes are called cachepots. While you can use these, they require additional care requirements to keep the plant alive. The beauty of designer pots from Tropical Plant Rentals is that you will enjoy a prolonged lifetime for your plants with the proper care and adequate features. We can work with you and help you find the designer pots that will benefit you the most.

Are you ready to get started on your plant pot hire journey?

If you’d like to brighten your office using our healthy indoor plants and stylish designer pots and containers, contact us online or give us a call!

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