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Our Designer Pot Range

Stylish Designer Pots and Containers at Tropical Plant Rentals

As leading interior plantscape professionals, we have an exclusive range of stylish designer pots and containers to suit any indoor office environment.

Our affordable pots and containers range are diverse and able to complement any interior design concept. Our range embraces modern, contemporary, traditional, rustic and Scandinavian designs right through to industrial, bohemian or coastal/Hampton style. Whatever the look you’re after, we can assist you in reaching your design goals.

We offer a colour match service to ensure we can supply the perfect indoor pot for your colour scheme. As well as carrying our own exclusive range, we also work in conjunction with local leading container suppliers to enhance our indoor pot hire range even further.

Our Range

Our range of stunning fibreglass plant pots come in a variety of styles, sizes, shapes and colours to create the real WOW factor.  Our pots present in a sleek black or white gloss finish and a matte concrete textured finish is now available on selected styles.

Our beautiful range of pots and containers include various desktop planters, floor pots, hanging planters, wall mounted planters and troughs. If space permits, why not choose from our extra large floor pot range to really showcase big healthy plants to provide an impressive impact.

If you’d like to brighten your office using our healthy indoor plants and stylish designer pots and containers, contact us online or freecall 1800 631 365. One of our friendly team will be happy to have a chat or arrange a site visit for a no fuss – no obligation quote. Introducing  beautiful office pots or containers will not only enhance your company image, but impress your staff, clients and visitors.

with a sleek black and white semi-gloss finish on all our fibreglass range and a matte concrete textured finish available on selected styles

Look Through Our Plant Pot Hire Range:

pot range mini desktop garden

Desktop Mini Garden Bowl

 Size   Dimensions (mm)   Colour 
Sml 200w x 140h 
Lge 240w x 200h  
pot range table wedges

Garden Table Wedge

 Size   Dimensions (mm)   Colour 
Sml 280w x 200h
Lge 330w x 240h 

Table Bowl

 Size   Dimensions (mm)   Colour 
  330w x 180h
Pot Range Cone Pots

Cone Range

 Size   Dimensions (mm)   Colour 
Sml 350w x 430h 
Med 400w x 500h
Tall 450w x 910h
pot range square pots

Square Range

 Size  Dimensions (mm)  Colour 
 Med  400w x 400d x 425h
 Lge  400w x 400d x 600h 
pot range cylinders

Cylinder Range

 Size   Dimensions (mm)   Colour 
Med  400w x 500h 
Lge 400w x 800h 
pot range wedges

Wedge Range

 Size  Dimensions (mm)  Colour 
Sml 400w x 400d x 600h 
Med 400w x 400d x 730h
Tall 400w x 400d x 840h 
Pot Range Luna Sets

Luna Range

 Size   Dimensions (mm)  Colour
Sml 300w x 260d 
Med 400w x 340d 
Lge 550w x 420d 
pot range trough partition

Partition Trough

 Size   Dimensions (mm)   Colour 
   760w x 170d x 165h 
pot range mondo trough

Mondo Trough

Size Dimensions (mm)  Colour 
   1050w x 160d x 150h 
pot range green star trough

Green Star Trough – Single

 Size   Dimensions (mm)   Colour 
   900w x 250d x 250h 
pot range green star trough doubles

Green Star Trough – Double

 Size   Dimensions (mm)  Colour 
   900w x 500d x 250h 
pot range troughs low

Trough Low

 Size  Dimensions (mm)  Colour 
   1200w x 420d x 425h 


Pot Range trough slim

Trough Slim

 Size  Dimensions (mm)  Colour 
   1200w x 320d x 600h  

Trough High

 Size  Dimensions (mm)  Colour 
   1200w x 420d x 600h  pot colour black white
extra large pots with graeme extra large white pot range with graeme 6 2

Extra Large Pots

 Size   Dimensions (mm)   Colour 
Sml 600w x 610d pot colour white
Med 800w x 820d pot colour white
Tall 1000w x 1000d pot colour white