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Plant info Red Leaf Cordyline

plant info cordyline rubraBOTANICAL NAME: Cordyline Rubra

COMMON NAME: Red Leaf Cordyline

DESCRIPTION: Dracaena-like and multi-caned to 2m indoors. Leaves range in colour from burgundy red to green on older leaves.

LIGHT/POSITION: Medium to high light in a warm position will maintain good colour leaf variegation.

WATERING: Evenly moist to dry. Never allow to sit in water. Will tolerate moisture if growing actively.

CLEANING: Spray and wipe excess from leaves to keep free of dust.  Light oil older leaves to gloss if required.

PESTS: Mealybug and mites in hot dry conditions, but general cleaning techniques will keep these plants pest free.

DISEASES: Sensitive to fluoride content in water which can build up over time.

FERTILISING: Not usually recommended with interiorscapes.  Weak liquid fertiliser in growth periods if necessary.

PRUNING: Remove entire ‘cane’ or trunk if one is damaged or dying.

PRESENTATION: Excellent focal plant. Turn regularly for even leaf growth.  Keep in high light to maintain colour.

GENERAL INFORMATION: Good plant for colour contrast.

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