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Benefits of an Indoor Plant Hire Service for a Greener Office

There’s no doubt that greener offices promote happier and more productive workplaces. When indoor office plants are cared for and nurtured, they are highly beneficial to our health and wellbeing. They contribute to a healthier indoor working environment by providing cleaner air, reduced sickness and stress leave, and increased productivity and job satisfaction.

By implementing a healthy green office, your staff will feel appreciated and know that you care about them and the image that your business delivers to visitors and prospective clients.

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Perhaps you love the idea of having plants in your workspace for a greener office, but you lack a green thumb or you’re not sure where to start. We offer a complete Indoor Plant & Pot Rental Service and Maintenance Program. This ensures you always have a gorgeous display of healthy living indoor plants in our stylish designer hire pots.

Another stylish option to green your office is with one of our stunning living Green Walls. Because our Green Wall range is so diverse, there’s sure to be a style to suit your space, design and budget.

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What are the benefits of indoor plants in your office?

As mentioned above, indoor office plants play a major role in creating an environment to help your staff to flourish and your business to thrive.

Studies and research have shown us the many benefits of adding interior plants to your workspace.

  • Reduction in Sickness and Absenteeism

    Due to the many health and well-being benefits, placing plants around the office has been reported to decrease minor illnesses by 30% and reduce absenteeism by up to 50%.

  • Reduced Noise

    Office environments can be noisy places and can often be overwhelming and distracting. Indoor office plants are useful in decreasing noise through absorption, deflection, or refraction processes. The results are instant. Green Walls, in particular, are very effective at refracting sound due to the large volume of plant coverage.

  • Increased Productivity & Creativity

    According to a study by Exeter University, having a few plants in the workplace increased well-being by 47%, productivity by 38% and creativity by 45%, because employees who actively engage with their surroundings are better workers. This is good news from a business profitability view.

  • Cleaner Air to Breathe

    Indoor plants are our best friends when it comes to the indoor air we breathe because they do the exact opposite of what we do. They release oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide. They help to remove harmful toxins known as Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) from the air we breathe. These toxins are commonly found in our indoor environments and caused by plastics, carpets, paints, cleaning agents and furniture.

    Certain indoor plants can bring about 50% reduction in CO2 levels, bacteria and mould. Plants can also reduce dust levels by up to 20%, this is good news for allergy and hayfever sufferers.

  • Biophilic Environment

    An office with a biophilic presence using indoor plants creates a more welcoming space. Considering we spend a great deal of our time in the indoor built environment, it makes perfect sense to bring nature indoors to enhance our workspaces.

  • Healthier Occupants

    Our environment has an impact on how we feel, think and act. Because indoor plants filter the air, improve the humidity and enhance the environment, it’s highly likely your employees will feel healthier and happier at work. This can help to increase job satisfaction and overall benefit the success of your business. When your workers thrive, your business will thrive.

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How can Tropical Plant Rentals help with your Green Office?

With almost 45 years experience in providing our client’s with indoor plant hire, we have the knowledge and expertise to create and maintain a healthy, living green office to enhance your business. Our staff stay in tune with up to the minute trends of interior plantscape designs.  You may have already considered having plants in your office or work environment but the thought of how much care and attention they require has stopped you.

If we can assist your business with a stunning green office design or if you have any questions, contact us online or call 1800 631 365. We’d be happy to discuss indoor plant styling options available or to arrange a free no-obligation onsite consultation.