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Indoor Plantscaping ... it's in our nature!

Be inspired and bring your office to life with indoor living plants!

Tropical Plant Rentals has been connecting people to nature within offices and workspaces for more than 40 years. If you’re feeling inspired, why not organise an obligation free quote and let us transform your working environment into a healthy and productive workplace. We have a diverse range of healthy plants, stunning pots and innovative living Green Walls available for hire. 


pot plant wall ppvg office partitioning room divider
office partition room divider black cones with pothos
janet craig black cone and sansevieria concrete bowl in office break out
Janet Craig in Black Cone
janet craig and happy plant white cone in office break out 400 x 400
Plants enhancing office breakout area
green wall vertical garden office 2
Stunning Green Wall
green wall vertical garden office 3
Interior Living Green Wall
rhaphis fiddle leaf fig bromeliad in white cones and wok bowl 2
Large plants to enhance space
devils ivy in hanging white bowls
Stunning hanging pot display with Devil's Ivy
janet craig white cone in office 2
Janet Craig in White Cone
devils ivy trailing white wall pots 1
Devil's Ivy in White Wall Pots
cabinet wall vertical garden display trio
Three TPR Cabinet Walls
Mixed planting adds variety & interest
kentia palm zanzibar gem and janet craig cluster in client atrium
Tropical Cluster in White Cones
outdoor magnolia trees and liriope
Little Gem Magnolia Trees and Liriope
succulents in trough green star office 4
Trough plants contributing to Green Star Building
succulents in trough green star office 1
Succulents in Trough
green star certified office plants 2
Green Star building
living green wall office display
Living Green Wall
fiddle leaf fig grey planter
Fiddle Leaf Fig
living green wall office display
Pot Plant Vertical Garden
kentia palm janet craig dracaena waterfall feature
Tropical plant interior garden
tropical plant display lobby
Tropical plant display
hoya rhipsalis in white pots showroom display
Hoya & Rhipsalis display
devils ivy hanging white pots
Design with Hanging White Pots and trailing plants
janet craig zanzibar gem plants tambour units 400mm x 400mm
Zanzibar and Janet Craig interior plantscape in custom joinery
green wall sydney office 1
Innovative living Green Wall
happy plant monstera janet craig in custom colour match pots
Custom colour match pots
mixed garden in white planter retail
Tropical mixed garden
happy plants white troughs tambour unit 400mm x 400mm
Tambour plant display
green wall vertical garden office 8
Green Star Green Wall
gsky green wall 1
GSky Green Wall
gsky green wall 2
GSky Green Wall
kauri pine concrete cone in office
Kauri Pine with a city view
umbrella tree black pot in office
Umbrella Tree
devils ivy hanging custom pots nautical theme
Nautical design
boston fern devils ivy hanging custom pots
Hanging greenery for cafe area
janet craig client joinery planting 400mm x 400mm
Janet Craig display
boston fern black hanging rope pot office breakout area
Boston Ferns in office breakout area
pot plant vertical garden display in office 1
Pot Plant Vertical Garden Wall
pot plant vertical garden wall double
Double display Pot Plant Vertical Garden Wall
happy plants peace lily spaths joinery plants
Stunning Tropical Displays
living wall pot plant vertical garden 2
Pot Plant Vertical Garden Wall Privacy Screen
devils ivy rubber plant joinery plants 400mm x 400mm
Plants soften interior spaces
spider plant devils ivy tahitian bridal veil white square wall pots
Industrial interior design using Square Wall Pots
happy plant janet craig white cones reception area
Happy Plant and Janet Craig in White Cones
monstera umbrella tree in white cones in office
Monstera and Umbrella Tree planted in White Cones
Custom built Green Wall
monstera black trough
Showcasing Monstera in Green Star Trough
GSky Versa Wall
kentia palm black troughs office privacy screen 400mm x 400mm
Kentia Palms displayed in Black Troughs
happy plant pothos totem janet craig in concrete custom pots
Enhancing lobby spaces with indoor plants
happy plant white cone in office
Happy Plant brightening a reception area
janet craig black luna pot in office
Janet Craig in Luna Pot
janet craig concrete pot in office
Janet Craig in rustic concrete pot
green wall newcastle office
Green Wall providing clean air benefits
pot plant vertical garden privacy screen restaurant
Ideal privacy screening for restaurant
happy plant white cone coconut fibre
Happy Plant in White Cone
kentia palms slimline trough
Kentia Palms in White Trough
GSky Versa Wall
janet craig white planters in office
Janet Craig displayed in large planters
happy plants troughs office 400mm x 400mm
Happy Plants in Floor Troughs
devils ivy trailing wire display
Devil's Ivy on vertical wire privacy screen
sansevieria black tambour units office
Sansevieria in custom joinery
zanzibar gem office lunchroom joinery plants
Zanzibar Gem joinery display
syngonium hoya custom pots office display
Earthy display of plants
fern hanging pots timber vertical ladder-400x400
Ferns in custom design hanging pots
peperomia succulents black mini garden bowl shelf cafe
Succulent shelf display
devils ivy trailing troughs
Devil's Ivy softening an internal office wall
janet craig slim white trough 400mm x 400mm
Janet Craig plants in White Trough
exterior living green wall
Exterior Green Wall for a sustainable environment
bromeliad pothos aglaonema coffee table plant
Mixed tropical garden for reception coffee table
peace lily spathiphyllum sensation white trough
Spathiphyllum display in White Trough
zanzibar gem tambour units
Zanzibar Gem providing the perfect finishing touch
pothos troughs on cabinet
Pothos display to soften locker area
blechnum silver lady fern trough in office area 400mm x 400mm
Slimline Trough with Blechnum 'Silver Lady'
boston fern client office
Boston Fern makes a stunning display
zanzibar gem client tambour unit plants
Zanzibar Gems Tambour Unit
trio gold bowls custom colour match
Pots can be colour matched to suit your colour scheme

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