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Connect with nature & feel the difference

TPR GROUP transforms spaces into aesthetic, healthy and productive environments with green walls, plants, water features, aquariums, artwork and virtualscapes. Why not organise an obligation free quote and let us create an inspirational environment for your office? Read how nature contributes to our wellbeing here (‘Healthy Parks, healthy people’ 2nd edition March 2008, Deakin University Burwood, Melbourne.)

Festive colour with Pointsettias!
Add fresh style with wall planters
Happy plants in tambour units
Stunning plant and pot combination
Pots can be spray painted to suit interiors
Stunning bromeliad and pot colour contrast
Installing a green wall at Perfect Potion
Aesthetic stone pots and Strelitzia plants
Plants soften interior spaces
Mixed planting adds variety & interest
Royal Botanic Garden Sydney (RBG)
GSky Versa Wall (RBG)
Three TPR Cabinet Walls
Sanitarium Green Wall
Pothos Pot Plant Vertical Garden Wall
Pothos & Janet Craig
Pot Plant Vertical Garden Wall
Happy plant
Earthy red ceramic pots
Earthy red ceramic pots
Pothos in white cones
Ficus Lyrata & Aglonema
Philodendron Cannifolia
Ficus Burgendy
Aglaonemas and Pothos
Ferns in hanging pots
Aesthetic trio of plants in rustic pots
Colourful Aglaonemas & Happy plants
GSky Versa Wall
GSky Versa Wall
Kauri Pine in ceramic vase
Stunning indoor garden in Troy pot
Stunning trio of Ficus Lyrata
Pot Plant Vertical Garden Wall
Spathiphyllum plants in tambour units
Peace Lillies
Pot Plant Vertical Garden Wall
Pothos Totem plants and Wedges
Glossy Dracaena Deremensis
Two TPR Cabinet Walls
Peace Lillies used as effective dividers
Beautiful white flowers and glossy foliage
Peace Lillies – ‘Clean Air Machines’
Custom built Green Wall
Magnificent Topiaries in sensational pots
GSky Versa Wall
Zanzibar Gems used for screening
Sculptural Dracaena Marginata
Kentia Palm and Wedge pot
Draping Pothos and Mini Garden bowls
TPR Cabinet Wall
Strelitzia and Luna pot
Happy plant and Cone pot
GSky Versa Wall

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