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Plant info Spear Leaf Philodendron

plant info philodendron cannifoliaBOTANICAL NAME: Philodendron  cannifolium

COMMON NAME: Spear Leaf Philodendron

DESCRIPTION: Clumping with multiple leaves rising from usually short stems. Leaves lanceolate to 600mm.

LIGHT/POSITION: Low to medium light.

WATERING: Generally moist to dry depending on available light.  Allow top 5cm  to dry out between watering.

CLEANING: Keep dust free.  Lightly polish with white oil to enhance colour and form of leaves.

PESTS: Mealybug the most common pest problem.  Occasionally, in dry hot positions, the plant can be attacked by spider mites.  Use contact spray like neem soap.

DISEASES: Stem rot will occur if the soil is kept wet or plant is kept in cold damp conditions.

FERTILISING: Not recommended in interior landscapes.

PRUNING: Remove spent leaves.

PRESENTATION: Should be presented with full growth on all sides.

GENERAL INFORMATION: Makes an excellent specimen where space permits.

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