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Plant Hire
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Rent Office Plants to Enhance your Working Environment

For businesses that rent office plants, there are many benefits, far beyond the beauty and visual effects (aesthetics) of bringing some of nature indoors. Not only will maintained indoor hire plants instantly enhance your office by always looking vibrant and fresh, but your employees will reap the rewards too. Indoor plants assist in cultivating a...
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Rent Office Plants to Help Restore your Workplace Post Covid-19

It’s been a tricky few months and many businesses are looking at ways to renew the workplace post Covid19. Renting office plants is an easy solution to welcome your staff back to the office. As we navigated the uncertainty of the pandemic, we were forced to isolate and adjust to social distancing rules. During this...
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Benefits of an Indoor Plant Hire Service for a Greener Office

There’s no doubt that greener offices promote happier and more productive workplaces. When indoor office plants are cared for and nurtured, they are highly beneficial to our health and wellbeing. They contribute to a healthier indoor working environment by providing cleaner air, reduced sickness and stress leave, and increased productivity and job satisfaction. By implementing...
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Hiring Indoor Office Plants -Vs- Purchasing Indoor Office Plants

Is it more beneficial to hire or buy indoor office plants? We are often asked by clients whether it is better for them to hire indoor office plants or for the client to purchase their own plants and take care of the plant maintenance themselves. Regardless of whether you hire or purchase office plants, thriving...
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