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Desk Plants

What are the best plants for your office desk?

Desk plants are a beneficial addition to any office desk. They can bring health and wellbeing to your workspace. People often ask what are the best plants for an office desk. The good news is, there is an array of plants suitable for your desk and many of them will survive in low light conditions....
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Andrew TPR Franchisee

Meet Andrew

What areas do you hire indoor plants to? Being a Sydney boy, I know most areas fairly well. My current clients are within Strathfield council and its surrounding suburbs like Rhodes, Newington, Homebush, Burwood, Concord, Sydney Olympic Park and spreading out to Leichhardt, Sydney CBD, Chatswood and Parramatta. Favourite part of your job? PLANTS….. I...
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desk plant nature

Benefits of Desk Plants in the Workplace

The benefits of desk plants in the workplace seem obvious.  However, as research in this area increases, there is now proof of the health and productivity benefits.  Providing desk plants for workers is no longer just a “nice touch”.  It is an important part of creating a healthy workplace. Desk plants improve indoor air quality...
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