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short term plant hire range

Short Term Plant Hire Range

Short term plant hire is ideal for a wide range of small or large events. From business functions and product promotions to private events and parties, casual plant hire provides a boost to any interior or exterior space. And because it’s short term, Tropical Plant Rentals can tailor a solution specific to you and your...
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just how well do plant clean the air

Just How Well Do Indoor Plants Clean Air?

It’s common knowledge that plants put oxygen into the air and take pollutants out. But what are the exact pollutants removed? And just how efficient are certain plants at improving office air quality? There is a fine science behind how indoor plants clean air. For clean office air, it’s a good idea to get to...
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green walls vertical planting system

Why Invest in Green Walls?

Green walls are also known as living walls, vertical gardens, and vertical planting systems. They are more than just a decoration for your corporate or private building. Green walls are a great way to improve the human experience and promote green living. On the human side, green walls can absorb high frequency noises. Depending on...
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client image indoor office plants

Indoor Office Plants

Creating beautiful green spaces in the office using indoor office plants often requires the services of a designer. However, with a little bit of research, you can easily work out how to hire indoor office plants to create a beautiful space. So, what are the top 5 plant choices to consider when creating a green...
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vertical garden inspiration

Vertical Gardens

Vertical gardens are not a new concept. Traditionally, they have been used in commercial settings – large office spaces, foyer areas and large retailers. However, vertical gardens are no longer restricted to office and shop spaces. Vertical gardens are now an achievable option in the residential environment too. Vertical gardens can provide a connection to...
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desk plant nature

Benefits of Desk Plants in the Workplace

The benefits of desk plants in the workplace seem obvious.  However, as research in this area increases, there is now proof of the health and productivity benefits.  Providing desk plants for workers is no longer just a “nice touch”.  It is an important part of creating a healthy workplace. Desk plants improve indoor air quality...
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melbourne cup emirates english garden

Inspiration For Your Next Event Preparation

Spring has sprung!  And so has the party season!  With the recent excitement of last week’s Melbourne Cup Day, there have been plenty of high profile corporate events on show to get you inspired for your next event preparation.  Booking event hire options can be overwhelming.  Taking inspiration from recent Melbourne Cup Birdcage marquees is...
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rockpool event plant hire

Plants For Hire – Events

So you’ve got a big event to plan for and you need to ‘knock the socks off’ your guests?!  Well you’ve come to the right place!  Whether you’re planning a wedding, a product launch, a promotion or corporate event, a photo shoot or a themed event, using plants for hire as a way to create...
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green media wall

Green Media Walls

These days it’s hard to find that extra edge when planning an event. In this time poor, budget savvy climate, you need the “wow factor” without the price tag and without spending too much time and effort. Media walls, and in particular, green media walls, are the perfect solution for event managers, event coordinators and...
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clean air

Clean Air

Hiring plants is good for your work environment. Live plants have more than just decorative qualities. They certainly do create atmosphere and image but LIVING PLANTS do so much more! Living plants in buildings reduce the levels of air pollution and volatile organic compounds which are emitted by materials in computers, photocopiers, furniture and fittings...
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The facts!

Office Wellbeing Facts and Figures Some perceive that investment in health and wellbeing has a relatively low yield. Statistics illustrate this is false. Recent studies show that the return on investment for workplace wellness programs is $3-$5 on average for every $1 invested. Harvard Business Review. “The healthiest Australian employees are almost three times more...
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Living Plants Key Benefits

Plants reduce levels of indoor air pollution Plants absorb poisonous volatile organic compounds emitted by materials in computers, photocopiers, furniture and fittings along with microorganisms from people Artificial plants “gas off”, polluting the air Plants increase humidity, counteracting the drying effects of air conditioning Plants put oxygen is put back into the air you breathe...
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