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clean air

Clean Air

Hiring plants is good for your work environment. Live plants have more than just decorative qualities. They certainly do create atmosphere and image but LIVING PLANTS do so much more! Living plants in buildings reduce the levels of air pollution and volatile organic compounds which are emitted by materials in computers, photocopiers, furniture and fittings...
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The facts!

Office Wellbeing Facts and Figures Some perceive that investment in health and wellbeing has a relatively low yield. Statistics illustrate this is false. Recent studies show that the return on investment for workplace wellness programs is $3-$5 on average for every $1 invested. Harvard Business Review. “The healthiest Australian employees are almost three times more...
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Living Plants Key Benefits

Plants reduce levels of indoor air pollution Plants absorb poisonous volatile organic compounds emitted by materials in computers, photocopiers, furniture and fittings along with microorganisms from people Artificial plants “gas off”, polluting the air Plants increase humidity, counteracting the drying effects of air conditioning Plants put oxygen is put back into the air you breathe...
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plants are necessary for the workplace

Clean indoor air – Why plants are necessary for the workplace

The benefits of living plants in the work place in terms of providing clean indoor air was first discovered in the 1980’s and since then significant research has been conducted to define and quantify these benefits. In summary, current research shows that having plants in the workplace will help clean indoor air and actually achieves...
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