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Office Plant Rental & Indoor Plant Hire Sydney

Sydney Office Plant Hire

Tropical Plant Rentals has more than 40 years experience in providing an affordable office indoor plant hire service in Sydney and throughout the east coast of Australia. With over 3,000 happy clients, our team have the expertise and knowledge to assist with your office interior green design.  Introducing indoor plants to your office will improve the well being of your staff and enhance the indoor environmental quality (IEQ) of your space. Plants at work help to remove the VOC’s from our indoor air, help absorb noise and provide oxygen.  Indoor plants will also contribute 2 points to your Green Star Rating when maintained by a professional indoor plant hire company. The visual enhancement that indoor hire plants provide will impress not only your staff, but your client’s by showing them you care about their health, wellbeing and the image of your business.

Many of our client’s have benefited from the health benefits that indoor plants provide and the calming vibe that greenery in your office can provide. Various research has shown us that when staff feel calm they become more creative and productive. Having the presence of indoor plants at work can benefit staff by reducing absenteeism due to sickness.

Tropical Plant Rentals are committed to creating healthy,  happy and productive workplace environments where people and business thrive.

Plant Event Hire Sydney

Tropical Plant Rentals also offer stunning hire plants for events in and around Sydney, so why not lush up your next special celebration with some tropical vibes to make it a memorable event. Head on over to our Event Plant Hire page to check out our plant and green wall hire for functions.