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Plant info Zanzibar Gem

zanzibar gem zz plant black cone mediumBOTANICAL NAME: Zamioculcas zamifolia

COMMON NAME: Zanzibar Gem

DESCRIPTION: Clumping plant with leaves growing from the ground level. Shiny, waxy leaves are divided into a number of smaller leaflets. New leaves emerge as upright spikes from which the leaflets gradually unfold.

LIGHT/POSITION: Medium to high light.  Excellent where space is limited or a theme is required.  In low light areas growth can become lanky.

WATERING: Soil is usually a very free-draining mix of coarse sand and potting mix.  Soil should be evenly moist and allowed to dry out before rewatering. Tolerates drying out and will recover. A very tough plant.

CLEANING: Remove dust from the leaves.

FERTILISING: Only if actively growing.  Not generally necessary in indoorscape situation.

PRUNING: Remove spent leaves.

GENERAL INFORMATION: Very tough, problem free plant.

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