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Tropical Plant Rentals has more than 40 years experience in providing an affordable office indoor plant hire service in Sunshine Coast and throughout the east coast of Australia. With over 3,000 happy clients, our team have the expertise and knowledge to assist with your office interior green design.

We are committed to creating healthy, happy and productive workplace environments where people and business thrive. This includes our indoor plant hire, green walls and vertical gardens and event plant hire to Sunshine Coast.

We can provide you with solutions to meet your every need. If you are looking at exciting guests with that “wow factor”, you require pleasant looking corporate sponsorship or improve the wellbeing of your staff, Tropical Plant Rentals can help provide events and indoor plants to Sunshine Coast.

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Indoor Plant Hire and Office Plant Rental is a great way to enhance your work environment in Sunshine Coast. They are able to remove poisonous toxins called Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) and clean the air.

We offer a range of rental plants depending on what your Sunshine Coast office space needs including indoor office plants, green walls, plants for events and designer pot plants.

Indoor Plant Hire

Indoor Plant Hire Sunshine Coast

tambour plants indoor office plant hire

Tropical Plant Rentals offer a diverse range of healthy living indoor plants, stunning designer hire pots to enhance every office space.

We are committed to providing excellent plant hire products, together with a quality indoor plant maintenance program to ensure your plants and always look their best.

Introducing indoor plants to your office will improve the wellbeing of your staff and enhance the indoor environmental quality (IEQ) of your space. Plants at work help to remove the VOC’s from our indoor air, help absorb noise and provide oxygen. Indoor plants Sunshine Coast will also contribute 2 points to your Green Star Rating when maintained by a professional indoor plant hire company.

The visual enhancement that indoor hire plants provide will impress not only your staff, but your client’s by showing them you care about their health, wellbeing and the image of your business.

Our team of fully qualified and trained specialists will ensure your plants look the best they can including watering, cleaning, fertilising and control of insects and diseases, meaning you can focus on your business.

Green Walls and Vertical Gardens

Sunshine Coast green walls and vertical gardens are able to help you improve your workplace performance and enhance the environment. Green walls are great in offices, foyers, showrooms and exteriors. We have over 10 years of experience in installing green walls with our dedicated team having the expertise to design, construct, plant, irrigate and maintain each green wall.

Living green walls are a great way to enhance your Sunshine Coast workplace performance, stimulating the senses, bringing the nature indoors. Our expert team is able to design, construct, plant, irrigate and maintain each Green Wall design.

While green walls and vertical gardens are traditionally used in Sunshine Coast commercial settings including large office spaces, foyer areas and large retailers, they can also be used in residential environments connecting homeowners to outdoor spaces.

Event Plant Hire Sunshine Coast

Tropical Plant Rentals also offer stunning hire plants for events in and around most areas of the Sunshine Coast, so why not lush up your next special celebration with some tropical vibes to make it a memorable event. Our staff in skilled in theming and setting the scene perfectly to your event and tastes. Our plants and pots combined with our additional props help suit any style and budget.

Head on over to our event plant hire page to check out our plant and green wall hire for functions.

green leafSunshine Coast Overview

The Sunshine Coast is a diverse sub tropical region in South East Queensland situated 100km north of Brisbane, stretching 65kms along the coast from Caloundra in the south, to Noosa in the north. Beautiful sandy beaches, national parks, impressive headlands, lush hinterland and unspoiled rainforests make the Sunshine Coast a premier holiday destination. Combined with a strong growing economy, diverse base of industries (predominantly tourism, retail, construction and agriculture) and unrivalled relaxed beach and country lifestyle, the Sunshine Coast is much more than just a holiday destination – it’s a celebrated place to live and work too!

Tropical Plant Rentals provides indoor plant hire, green walls and vertical gardens and event plant hire to the Sunshine Coast area. We have over 40 years of experience providing rental plants across Australia helping improve overall wellbeing in offices and commercial spaces.

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Why choose TPR GROUP?

  • We help you create a healthy, happy and productive place in which to work.
  • We provide a wide range of high quality, attractive products and services for offices which lets employees know that they are valued and that their health and wellbeing is important to you while also improving your clients’ perception of your business.
  • We are completely Australian owned and locally operated – you deal with the business owner who has a genuine interest in your welfare and communication with us is direct and easy.
  • We have over 40 years history of caring for our customers.
  • As well as looking after you and your office environment, we care for the earth’s environment through the planting and maintenance of a “ koala corridor” in country NSW.

Sunshine Coast Indoor Plant Hire

Our owner operators are committed to creating healthy, happy, and productive environments – they love what they do! Personable yet unobtrusive, our franchisees are dedicated to forming positive relationships with their clients, delivering quality indoor plant hire and other healthy office solutions with consistency, cost-effectiveness, and friendly service.


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