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indoor plants in workplaceWe know the many health benefits that indoor plants have in the workplace.  They remove pollutants in the air creating a healthier office for your office staff and clients.  Visually plants transform an office into a beautiful environment.  But did you know plants also enhance your workplace in the following ways-

Indoor Plants give a positive impression about your business

Studies by UTS Science Strategy show that businesses with plants in their office give clients a lasting impression that your business is welcoming, trustworthy, caring and stable.  It shows a high level of care and commitment for your staff and their wellbeing.  It also showcases a caring and welcoming environment for your clients.  It shows you are environmentally aware and committed.  These are all great first impressions and lasting impressions for any business.

Indoor Plants improve the physical health of your staff

Research studies show the effect office plants have on your staff.  These include reducing drowsiness, stress, sore eyes & throat, noise pollution and carbon monoxide.  Plants are also credited with reducing blood pressure, fatigue and headaches.  Plants improve staff concentration and productivity.

Indoor Plants improve the emotional health of your staff

Studies by UTS Science Strategy show that staff with one or more indoor plants in their office showed reductions of 40%-60% in anxiety, depression, negativity, stress and anger.  With these conditions on the increase, indoor plants for the office are a small investment to reduce these conditions for your staff.

Indoor Plants remove harmful toxins (Volatile Organic Compounds – VOCs) from the air

With poor ventilation, the office environment can be quite toxic.  There are many harmful chemicals found in the office from carpet, paint, glues, plastics, printer cartridges, cleaning products and more.  Indoor plants will purify the air and reduce the VOCs.  Through the process of phytoremediation the leaves, roots and soil process and neutralise the harmful VOCs and leave air quality improved.

Our team at Tropical Plant Rentals regularly see the transformation of offices as we install our hire plants.  Read what they have to say about the impact plants have in the office environment.

Our Parramatta operator Kylie said “I took a van load of hire plants into an office in Parramatta last week that had never had plants before.  It was amazing how excited the staff were.  They all knew of the health benefits of the plants.  Within minutes they were all commenting on how much better their office felt.  With several plants in gorgeous pots and troughs, their office was completely transformed for both the ambience and health of the office and staff. The whole office was buzzing. Their excitement gave me such a thrill. That feeling is one of the best parts of my job.”

Alison our Blacktown operator said “I could not believe the response when arriving at a large office recently to install over 25 plants.  The office was a buzz with excitement!  The staff were asking me lots of questions about the plants being installed which included Happy Plants, Kentia Palms and my favourite Aglonaemas.

Each visit now to the office when trimming and watering the plants, they always have a smile and are happy to see me.  They all appreciate how I provided a lush, green, healthy office environment for them to work in.  I love my job!”

Bruce, one of our Newcastle representatives commented “I recently installed plant hire into a Newcastle client’s office.  They were thrilled with the greenery and impressed with how my plant hire had taken away the starkness from their office.  The appeal was so impressive they decided to add more plants that day”.

Rhys from Brisbane said “I installed plant hire in a Brisbane office last month.  It had a high volume of plants at the entrance and throughout the business.  My plant hire really provided a welcoming feeling when you entered the building.  The staff throughout the office were all very excited with the addition of plants into their workplace.  It is a lovely modern building and the plants really enhanced and added the final touches needed.”

Our Sydney representative Jayne, said “I recently installed some lovely plants in the office of a very trendy, up-and-coming business in Manly. The office manager chose matte metallic look pots which look fabulous with their wooden floors and charcoal carpet. They asked for lush plants, so very much like the beautiful Rhapis Palms, Ficus Burgundy and Monsteras which now brighten up the office area and help clean their office air. A lovely Strelitzia (Bird of Paradise) welcomes their visitors at the entrance. It was great to have so many appreciative comments from the staff and I could tell they felt that, by having office plants, their management cared about their wellbeing.”

Spring is a great time to organise some hire plants for your office. Give us a call today on 1800 631 365 to organise a no obligation consultation for your office.

Office Wellbeing Facts and Figures

Some perceive that investment in health and wellbeing has a relatively low yield. Statistics illustrate this is false. Recent studies show that the return on investment for workplace wellness programs is $3-$5 on average for every $1 invested.
Harvard Business Review.

“The healthiest Australian employees are almost three times more productive than their unhealthy colleagues.”
Medibank Private November 2005, The Health of Australia’s Workforce.

PricewaterhouseCoopers research on workplace wellness programs have shown a 3-to-1 return on investment. “There are quantifiable benefits from using wellness programs to attract and retain talented, healthy employees.“The economic case for prevention is overwhelming”.
Simon Leary, partner, PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP, the UK firm of PwC and Health Research Institute Leader for United Kingdom/Europe.

With people spending 80% of their time inside, houseplants are more important than outdoor plants… We can change health, welfare and business with plants.”
Nursery & Garden News February 2010, HAL Reporting on Project Investments, Jonathon Read, Plants for People representative (Plants to the Rescue conference)

“Andrew Smith’s 2008 research at the University of Liverpool (England) showed plants halved CO2 levels and led to a 50% sickness reduction in offices.”
Nursery & Garden News February 2010, HAL Reporting on Project Investments, Jonathon Read, Plants for People representative (Plants to the Rescue conference)

“We now have a science of happiness, which we know is not just … the pleasant life but also involves living the engaged life, the meaningful life and this is being applied in workplaces.”
Dr. Timothy Sharp CEO, The Happiness Institute

It is recommended that plants be used in the work environment to help alleviate Sick Building Syndrome characteristics – you need only 1 plant for each 10 square metres!
Workcover of NSW