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Why Invest in Green Walls?

green walls vertical planting system

Green walls are also known as living walls, vertical gardens, and vertical planting systems. They are more than just a decoration for your corporate or private building. Green walls are a great way to improve the human experience and promote green living.

On the human side, green walls can absorb high frequency noises. Depending on the soil or planting medium and underlying structure, even low frequency noises are reduced or gone entirely. Noise reduction is vital to increase a sense of privacy and peace. At work this helps businesses keep the team relaxed and focused. At home, this helps residents to feel- well, at home. Plants also clean the air by consuming carbon dioxide and producing clean oxygen. This means quality, breathable air for living wall system users.

A living wall system can also naturally cool and insulate the air. Owners can expect great savings off the power bill. As plants naturally photosynthesise, they release evaporated water into the air. This evaporated water also carries excess heat with it, perfect for summer. It’s a vital organic mechanism plants use to stay cool, and the benefits are passed onto us. For the winter, the rough and irregular texture of a green wall system acts as a natural wind-breaker. Plants also create a microclimate around themselves. In other words, they trap a small layer of air in and around themselves so that perfect weather stays perfect. Additionally, less burden on artificial sources of heating and cooling means less pollution for our atmosphere- a great example of green living.

A green wall system is extremely space efficient. They can be installed on virtually any vertical surface up to a slope of 90 degrees. Living green walls are also very low maintenance. Because vertical gardens are installed in a variety of areas (indoors and outdoors, public and private), it’s important to keep the fuss down to a minimum. Many living walls even feature structural designs that limit the growth of the plants; your chosen plants will always stay the exact size you want them. With all the time you would spend pruning, weeding, or otherwise caring for a regular garden, why not cultivate a vertical garden? Hundreds of plant species are tested for compatibility with any green wall system on the market. Now there’s no reason to put off that personal herb garden.

We’ve already covered how living walls are more than just decorations. But even as design pieces, they afford tremendous flexibility and reusability. We recommend the GSky Versa Wall™. This green wall system is renowned for its aesthetic qualities. It’s available in a variety of wood and metal frames, too. The living wall system does not consist of growing medium for the plants. Instead, it is a large frame of racks where individual plant pots can be physically placed and replaced. Updating this vertical garden’s look is as simple as taking one plant out and putting another one in. Change up the colour scheme with a new set of more vibrant species, or keep your herb garden healthy by switching in seasonal produce.

With all that in mind, there’s never been a better time to set up green walls in your home or office.