Designer Plant Pots Hire – Indoor Plant Pots

  • Why choose an indoor plant pot from Tropical Plant Rentals?

    We have a stylish range of affordable containers for indoor plant pot hire. Should you like an indoor plant pot but prefer it in another colour, we can colour match it for you! Or, if you require a container exacting in scale, proportion, shape and colour we can design and manufacture it for you. Also, we have access to popular plant pot ranges from leading container companies such as Container Connection and Just Add Plants so if you if you’ve seen a particular indoor plant pot you’d like, we’ll source it for you.
  • What designer indoor plant pots are new right now?

    We have three stunning new indoor plant pot ranges that definitely create the wow factor. Our beautifully shaped Luna Pots (below) feature a high gloss tactile texture and embellish spaces with flair. An installation of three Luna indoor plant pots in different sizes, dressed with graceful arching Kentia Palms looks absolutely superb! Our Artvases combine stunning sculptures and flowering plants into stunning “living artworks”. Perfect for reception and boardroom areas, Artvases are an exciting and cost-effective alternative to traditional floral arrangements and being exclusive to Tropical Plant Rentals – you won’t see them anywhere else! Unique Plant Buzz (Plant Pot Advertising) provides a unique marketing opportunity to broadcast corporate messages with “mini billboards” – a brilliant idea for foyers and customer areas.

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Wedge Range 400x300

Wedge Range

3 Sizes: 400T (400w x 400d x 840h); 450 (450w x 450d x 730h) &
400S (400w x 400d x 600h).

Vase 400x300

Vase Range  

Vase Pots are available in 2 sizes:  Large (745w x 650h) and Medium (510w x 450h).

Ascot Metal Red Range Original
Ascot Range 

Available in 3 sizes: Large (380w x 780h); Medium (380 x 570h); & Small (220w x 270h).

plant pot hire luna pot range

Luna Pot Range 

Available in 3 sizes: Large (550w x 420h), Medium (400w x 340h) & Small (300w x 260h).


plant pot hire steel elegance range

Steel Elegance Range 

Square available in Large (600d x 400h); Round available in Large (730d x 520h) & Medium (600w x 400h).


ascot white stone

Ascot Acrylic Range 

Available in 3 sizes: Large (380d x 780h), Medium (380d x 570h) & Small (220d x 270h).



Hamilton Range 

The Hamilton Range is available in 2 sizes: Large (510d x 750h) & Small (260d x 220h).


pot plant hire stainless steel range

Steel Range 

Square: M (400w x 400d x 400h) & S (300w x 300d x 300h). Round: M (400w x 400h) & S (300w x 300h).


Square Range 400x300

Square Range 

Square is available in 2 sizes: 400T (400w x 400d x 600h) & 400S (400w x 400d x 425h).

plant pot hire paddington range

Paddington Range

The Paddington Range is available in Large (410w x 410d x 480h) & Small (250w x 250d x 270h).

pot plant hire hawthorne range

Hawthorne Range

Available in Large (405w x 405d x 765h), Medium (405w x 405d x 660h) & Small (250w x 250d x 270h).

Cone range 400x300

Cone Range 

The Cone container range is available in one size only: 400 MED (400w x 500d).

Bowl mini garden high 400x300

Mini Garden Bowl Range

Mini Garden Bowl Containers are available in Large (240d x 200h) & Small (200d x 140h).

Luna Mini Garden 400x300)

Mini Garden Luna Range

The Mini Garden Luna container is available in one size only: Small (300d x 260h).


Mini Garden Wedge

The Wedge Mini Garden Range is available in Large (330d x 240h) & Small (280d x 200h).

pot plant hire funky diva range

Funky Diva Range

Square available in Large (600d x 400h); Round available in Large (730d x 520h) & Medium (600w x 400h).


Window Box

The elegant Window Box Range is available in one size only: (850w x 250d x 220h)


Coat Cover Box

The tidy, compact Coat Cover Box is available in one size only: (600w x 240d x 155h).

Green Building Trough 400x300

Green Building Trough

The smart Green Building Trough is available in one size only: (900w x 250d x 250h) .

Partition Trough 400x300

Partition Trough

The lightweight, easy to manoeuvre Partition Trough is available in one size: (760w x 180d x 160h).

floor trough 400x300

1.2m Floor Trough

The 1.2m Floor Trough, ideal for zoning space, is available in one size only: (1200w x 123d x 225h).

Tall Trough 400x300

Tall Trough

The Tall Trough, ideal for screening, is available in one size only: (1200w x 420d x 600h).