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Plant info Sago Palm

plant info sago palmBOTANICAL NAME: Cycas revoluta


DESCRIPTION: Dark green, glossy, stiff and pinnately divided leaves arising from a single crown at the top of the plant.  Can eventually form a trunk to 3m high but unlikely in most interiorscapes.

LIGHT/POSITION: High to medium light is necessary for healthy plants but is tolerant of a wide range of temperatures.

WATERING: Dry to moist, never wet.  Allow top of soil to dry out between waterings.

CLEANING: Spray with water or neem soap mix which will also serve as watering during plants resting period.

PESTS: Scale is the most common pest. Regular spraying with neem soap to discourage these from the outset.  Wipe off any pests when seen.

DISEASES: None prevalent.

FERTILISING: Weak liquid fertiliser if necessary when the plant has been indoors for sometime.  Growth is very slow, often only one new leaf or frond is produced each year.

PRUNING: Unnecessary – if too big, replace.

PRESENTATION: Good floor specimen where low showy plant is required.  Allow space to show the plant to its advantage.  Great atrium plant.

GENERAL INFORMATION: Cycas revoluta belongs to the group of plants called cycads and are palm like but are NOT palms.  They are the most primitive of flowering plants.

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