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Plant info Yucca

plant info yuccaBOTANICAL NAME: Yucca elephantipes


DESCRIPTION: Usually grown as a multi-caned plant . Leaves alternate spiral, lanceolate to 600mm.

LIGHT/POSITION: Medium to high light, suits ca orner position. Weak tip growth can result in low light situations.

WATERING: Moist to dry depending on light.  Growth is slow. Canes and leaves store water.  Roots are easily damaged by excessive movement or overwatering, causing rot.

CLEANING: Spray with neem soap and wipe over carefully avoiding “crunching” the leaves to remove dust.

PESTS: Spider mite is the main problem pest

DISEASES: Root/stem rot may occur when overwatered and/or physical damage to roots due to excessive movement of canes.

FERTILISING: May be necessary when plants have been in site for some time.  Weak liquid fertiliser applied to growing plants only.

PRUNING: Cut cane with sharp clean knife if change of shape desired or stem damaged.  New growth will appear below cut on healthy wood.

PRESENTATION: Excellent feature plant also suitable for outdoor work.

GENERAL INFORMATION: Usually presented as multi-canes in a single pot.

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