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Plant Info Blackbean

plant info blackbeanBOTANICAL NAME: Castanospermum australe

COMMON NAME: Blackbean / Morton Bay Chestnut

DESCRIPTION: Leaves large, odd pinnate and glossy green. These plant are usually multi planted. Up to 10 seed are used per pot which produces a very full pot of foliage for indoor use. This plant grows to 20m in it’s natural habitat.

LIGHT/POSITION: High light to full sun position.

WATERING: In high light areas the plant consumes large amounts of water.

CLEANING: Spray and wipe to remove dust.

PESTS: Mealy bug are common pests inside or outside.  Spray as soon as seen.

DISEASES; None prevalent in indoorscape.

FERTILISING: Weak liquid fertiliser in active growing period only.

PRUNING: Remove spent leaves.

PRESENTATION: Rotate to light.


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