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Plant info Column Cactus

plant info column cactusBOTANICAL NAME: Cereus peruvianus

COMMON NAME: Column Cactus

DESCRIPTION: Tall, fleshy 6 – 9 ribbed bluish-green columns.  Can be free branching.  Older portions often have long brown spines – younger sections often nearly spineless.

LIGHT/POSITION: Medium to high light.  Excellent where space is limited or theme is required.  In low light areas growth usually stops.

WATERING: Soil is usually very free draining mix of coarse sand and potting mix.  Soil should be evenly moist the allowed to dry out before rewatering.  Must never sit in water.

CLEANING: Spray with clear water to clean and rehydrate.  Soft shaving brush can also be used.

PESTS: Mealybug  occasionally may attack these plants but this is often present in the soil and plant should be removed for drenching.

DISEASES: None unless overwatered in colder months  ( or cold air conditioning) when plant base will rot.  Any soft brown or blackish marks may indicate rot and should be cut back to healthy tissue and dusted with sulphur.

FERTILISING: Only if actively growing to encourage flowering.  Never use nitrogen high fertiliser.  Not generally necessary in indoorscape situation.

PRUNING: Only for propagating purposes.  Dust any cut surfaces with sulphur powder.

PRESENTATION: Usually 3 – 4 columns are planted together in a pot.  Branched specimens can also be obtained.

GENERAL INFORMATION: Dry brown, corky patches occasionally mark cacti.  If  at the base of a large specimen it may indicate ageing.  Similar spots elsewhere may be the result of damage from handling, poor ventilation,  scorching sunlight or sudden changes in temperature. Nothing can be done about such markings and so not indicate an unhealthy plant.

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