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Plant info Pothos

plant info golden pothosBOTANICAL NAME: Epipremnum aureum

COMMON NAME: Pothos / Devil’s Ivy / Golden Pothos

DESCRIPTION: Broad, waxy, dark green with yellow variegation. Ovate shaped leaves. Plant climbs by means of rootlets, usually grown on a totem or as a hanging plant.

LIGHT/POSITION: Prefers medium to high light to maintain variegation. Photosensitive – it needs to be turned regularly to maintain even growth. Suits a warm corner position away from high traffic as leaves are easily damaged.

WATERING: Evenly moist, allowing tthe op 2cm to dry out when possible.  Will generally recover from wilts due to underwatering. Resents chills and wetness.

CLEANING: As leaves have a glossy appearance, keeping them free from dust with neem soap is usually sufficient.  Light oil application if necessary but keep away from direct sunlight to avoid burning.

PESTS: Mealybug – particularly on totem grown plants.  Totems should be drenched periodically with neem soap to kill/discourage mealybug from breeding under the bark.

DISEASES: Not generally a problem unless soil is kept wet and stem rot can then occur.

FERTILISING: Not necessary – fast growers.

PRUNING: Keep rootlets cut back to below the top of the totem.  In a basket, keep trimmed to just below the bottom of the basket to encourage thick growth within the basket.

GENERAL INFORMATION: There are several varieties: commonly used ‘Golden Pothos’ (aureus ‘Wilcoxii’) featuring sturdy green variegated leaves and golden yellow stems; white ‘Marble Queen’ with richly variegated green leaves, streaked with nearly pure white, if grown in good light.

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