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Plant info Golden Cane Palm

plant info golden cane palmBOTANICAL NAME: Chrysalidocarpus lutescens

COMMON NAME: Golden Cane Palm

DESCRIPTION: Attractive clumping palm with slender graceful yellowish stems to 8m tall and foliage nearly to the base.

LIGHT/POSITION: Usually high light but will tolerate med-high light in warm positions.  Prefers humidity with fresh-air circulation.

WATERING: Uniformly moist.  Don’t allow to dry out and don’t overwater.

CLEANING: Spray regularly with neem soap, gently wiping off excess.

PESTS: Prone to spidermite in warm dry positions.  Regularly spraying with neem soap recommended.  Can also be prone to palm scale.

DISEASES: Not prone to disease.

FERTILISING: Light liquid fertiliser in growing periods. Sensitive to excess soluble salts.

PRUNING: Usually only the removal of dead fronds is necessary.  In lower light positions, thinning out of foliage may be necessary to maintain the plant.

PRESENTATION: Foliage should be lush and full with bright green, healthy foliage forming an attractive clump.

GENERAL INFORMATION: Can be a very impressive entry plant.

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