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Plant info Bushy Ficus

plant info ficus bushyBOTANICAL NAME: Ficus benjamina

COMMON NAME: Bushy Ficus

DESCRIPTION: Graceful tree shape, dense growth, and somewhat pendant habit with shiny deep green small slender pointed leaves (light green leaves when young).

LIGHT/POSITION: Ideal in a high light, warm and sheltered position (away from draughts).  The more light, the more leaves will be sustained.

WATERING: Moist to wet in high light conditions.  Heavy users of water in warm dry positions, but should allow the top 1”  to dry before watering.

CLEANING: Because of the number and size of the leaves, regular spraying of neem soap and wiping over to remove excess is recommended.

PESTS: Spidermite, scale and mealy bug will all attack Ficus benjamina and preventative cleaning measures are strongly recommended.  Regular sprays with neem soap will discourage these pests.

DISEASES: Not commonly seen.

FERTILISING: Light regular liquid fertiliser feeds can be given in active growth periods where water uptake is rapid and light is good.

PRUNING: Regular pruning in active growth periods to maintain bushy growth and desired shape.

PRESENTATION: Plants should look balanced in relation to pot size. Leaves should be glossy and blemish free with branches originating halfway between top of soil level and top of maximum foliage.

GENERAL INFORMATION: Other forms available are:  variegated or with twisted braided or multiple trunks.  ‘Exotica’ has slightly longer leaves with a slight twist to the tip of the leaf.

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