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Plant info Madonna Lily / Peace Lily

plant info madonna lillyBOTANICAL NAME: Spathiphyllum

COMMON NAME: Madonna Lily / Peace Lily

DESCRIPTION: Dark green leaves with basal growth habit (clumping) with flowers like white sails held erect on stiff stalks above the leaf cluster and spadix with elevated knobs.

LIGHT/POSITION: Usually require medium to high light to flower well but avoid intense exposure to sun or sunny windows as wilting results.  Photosensitive – needs to be turned regularly.

WATERING: Keep moist to wet, depending on light.  Tends to brown at tips of leaves if kept constantly wet.  Recovers well after drying out.

CLEANING: Keep free of dust – light oil polish if no direct sunlight on leaves.

PESTS: Rarely a problem but spidermite and mealy bug are pests to be on the look out for in hot dry air conditions, or damp dark positions.

DISEASES: Not usually a problem, although root or stem rot can occur if plants kept constantly wet.

FERTILISING: Rarely required in interiorscape.

PRUNING: Remove spent leaves and flower stalks and cut out spadix when ripe with pollen to avoid talcum powder look on leaves.

PRESENTATION: Used on its own or mixed in a mini-garden.  This plant always appeals.

GENERAL INFORMATION: Small varieties commonly used are:  Wallisii, Clevelandii, Petite and Starlight.  Medium forms are:  Tasson, Lynise, Queen Amazonica.  Taller forms are:  Mauna loa, Mauna loa Supreme, Sensation.

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