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Plant Info Bamboo Palm

bamboo palmBOTANICAL NAME: Chamaedorea seifritzii

COMMON NAME: Bamboo Palm

DESCRIPTION: Small dwarf palm with clustering slender cane-like stems, alternatively furnished near the top with broadly spreading pinnate fronds, the leaflets of which are long, narrow and spaced apart giving the plant a lacy look.

LIGHT/POSITION: Medium to high light for optimum growth.  Very light sensitive and should be turned 1/4 turn each visit.

WATERING: High users of water in bright situations.

CLEANING: Needs to be kept free of dust.  Spray regularly with soap mixture and wipe over.

FERTILISING: Weak, regular liquid fertilising in high light and warm situations.  Can be fast growers and use fertiliser quickly.

PRUNING: Necessary only for limiting height or removal of spent leaves.

GENERAL INFORMATION: Readily available, quick growers, compact cylindrical growth for limited space position in good light.

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