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Plant info Grey Star

plant info ctenanthe grey starBOTANICAL NAME: Ctenanthe ‘grey star’


DESCRIPTION: Leaves liner-oblong or ovate–oblong 450mm long on stems up to 1.5m. Under side of leaves purple to red. Top side green /gray with distinctive veins.

LIGHT/POSITION: Usually requires medium to high light but avoid intense exposure to sun or sunny windows as wilting results.  Photosensitive, needing to be turned regularly.

WATERING: Keep moist to wet, depending on light. Tends to brown at the tips of leaves if allowed to dry out. This plant consumes large amounts of water.

CLEANING: Keep free of dust. Light oil polish if no direct sunlight on leaves.

PESTS: Rarely a problem but spider mite and mealybug are pests to be on the look out for in hot dry air conditions, or damp dark positions.

DISEASES: Not usually a problem, although root or stem rot can occur if plants are kept constantly wet.

FERTILISING: Rarely required in interiorscape.

PRUNING: Remove spent leaves.

PRESENTATION: Striking as a specimen plant.

GENERAL INFORMATION: There are many Ctenanthe varieties suitable for interiorscapes.

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