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Plant info Philodendron Panda

plant info philo pandaBOTANICAL NAME: Philodendron panduraeforme

COMMON NAME: Philodendron Panda

DESCRIPTION: All philodendrons (tree lovers) belong to a large group of climbing plants prized for their striking leathery leaves. Usually grown on totems for indoor use.

LIGHT/POSITION: Wide variety of positions and light tolerances.  Generally the darker the leaf the more tolerant of lower light but stems will elongate unnaturally. Dislikes cold and draughty positions.

WATERING Tepid water recommended.  Evenly moist but allow top 5cm to dry out before next watering.  Drier in low light; wilt or drooping will occur if too dry and also if too wet. Totem should be sprayed with water to encourage aerial roots to cling to the support.

CLEANING: Wipe clean with neem soap and occasionally oil older leaves.

PESTS: Mealybug is the most common pest on any totem plant where they can hide and breed. Spray undersides, stems and totem with neem soap when first seen.

DISEASES: Root rot can occur when plants are in wet/cold conditions.  Yellow/brown leaves occur naturally as old leaves finish their cycle.

FERTILISING: Weak liquid fertiliser in growing season, only if necessary. Usually fast growing.

PRUNING: Tip pruning before growth reaches the top of the totem is vital to maintain vigorous new growth.

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