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Plant info Kentia Palm

kentia palm black cone mediumBOTANICAL NAME: Howea forsteriana

COMMON NAME: Kentia Palm

DESCRIPTION: Single stemmed with dark green, arching, flat-topped fronds cut almost to the midrib, many leaflets, 2-4cm wide and 45-60cm long.  Can grow to 2.5m tall when grown in a pot.

LIGHT/POSITION: Medium to high light is ideal but plant tolerates low light conditions well if watering is controlled. Fronds will eventually spread and droop with age. Does not appreciate cold positions.

WATERING: Uniformly moist in good light and in growing season.  In lower light, allow top 2/3rds of soil to dry out between watering.  Grow pot should never be allowed to sit in water for longer than a couple of days.

CLEANING: Use neem soap routinely to remove dust and control insects. Older fronds will tolerate the occasional wipe with weak white oil mix to revitalise appearance. Extreme care should be taken to avoid oil on the undersides of the leaflets.

FERTILISING: Weak liquid fertiliser during the growing season is helpful in maintaining vigour and colour in older plants and general plant resistance to pest attack. Foliage sprays are recommended where practicable.

PRUNING: Not generally necessary.  Removal of  foliage that protrudes into the workspace.  Marked or damaged fronds should be removed entirely. Protect the growth tip of new fronds from accidental damage.

GENERAL INFORMATION: Australian Native to Lord Howe Island. Name originates from Lord Howe, as was Lord Howe island.  The species name forsteriana was named after William Forster who was a NSW Senator.

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