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Plant info Janet Craig

janet craig 3 black cone mediumBOTANICAL NAME: Dracaena deremensis  ‘Janet Craig’

COMMON NAME: Janet Craig

DESCRIPTION: Broad tapering glossy, dark green sessile leaves along naturally upright stems. May grow up to 2m tall.

LIGHT/POSITION: Medium light is ideal but tolerates low light conditions well if watering is controlled. Ideal for corner positions and away from walkways where leaves can be easily damaged by passing traffic.

WATERING: Uniformly moist in good light and in growing season but allow to dry right down between watering. Grow pot should never be allowed to sit in water for longer than a couple of days.

CLEANING: Keep free of dust and dirt to maximise ‘clean air’ capabilities. Use White Oil  on the top surface of the leaves occasionally to give shine but remove excess to avoid buildup which will attract dust. Extreme care should be taken to avoid oil on the undersides of the leaves.

FERTILISING: Generally unnecessary. Plants are slow growing and are usually used in low light areas.

PRUNING: Remove diseased, damaged or marked leaves by splitting the leaf along the midsection and pulling away from the stem. Do not cut leaves away to leave a basal stem that may rot. Dead ends are best cut off along the inside of the dead section if necessary.

GENERAL INFORMATION: One of the best plants to ‘clean’ the air in offices. Very reliable plant, long lasting.

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