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Plant info Grass Tree

plant info grasstreeBOTANICAL NAME: Xanthorrhoea species


DESCRIPTION: Long lived perennial plant with a strong, woody trunk rough with old leaf bases, topped with a multitude of narrow whip-like leathery dark green leaves which are flat or triangular, 1-1.5m long and less than 5mm wide. Slow growing.

LIGHT/POSITION: Free Standing position for dramatic effect, in high light to full sun position.

WATERING: Dry to moist in high light position. Top 2/3rd soil should be dry before watering.

CLEANING: Spray and wipe to remove dust.

PESTS: Scale and mealybug are common pests inside or outside.  Spray as soon as seen with neem soap.  Manually remove scale where seen.

DISEASES: None prevalent in indoorscape.

FERTILISING: Apply weak liquid fertiliser in active growing period only.

PRUNING: Remove spent leaves, cutting close as possible to the trunk.

PRESENTATION: Trunk blackened by fire with head of leaves completely skirting the trunk, with centre leaves erect for best effect.

GENERAL INFORMATION: 4 varieties most commonly seen but differences are small – all having the same general appearance.

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